Secure storage space in the workplace – Technopolis responds to a growing service demand

In its 2022 study of office rental services, the consultancy firm Verona Growth identified renting storage space to company employees as an interesting service concept. Technopolis decided to take up the idea and conducted a customer survey, further encouraging the provision of such a service.

Rental storage has been a growing business in many regions. One of the reasons for the need for storage space is urbanization, as there often isn't ample storage space available, especially in smaller homes.

When you want to visit your storage unit, wouldn't it be convenient if it were located on the same premises as your workplace? Technopolis has a total of around 30,000 square meters of storage space on all 16 of our campuses. Most of the storage is rented to customer companies, as firms that rent premises often also want to rent storage space.

Technopolis now wants to respond to the need of companies' employees to rent storage space that is easily accessible. As of 2023, Technopolis offers its customer companies' employees the possibility to rent storage at the Ozas campus in Lithuania and the Fornebu campus in Norway. In the future, the aim is to expand the storage service to a larger number of campuses.

Security is a competitive advantage

In the responses to the customer survey, security was considered to be one of the advantages of Technopolis' storage facilities. In our premises, access control is often electronically controlled, allowing access rights to be monitored and updated much more comprehensively than if mechanical keys were used in the building. The premises are also divided into separate access areas and there is no unrestricted access to the storage areas.

B2B or B2C?

Technopolis' office space customers are companies, but Technopolis' campuses have many services whose users and often payers are employees of the customer companies. Employees make purchases at cafeterias and coffee shops and may pay for their use of, for example, the gym, parking, sauna facilities or lockers. On some campuses, storage space has been rented directly to private customers.

The expansion of the storage service will benefit both users and customer companies. The user gets safe, heated storage space which is easy to visit as it is under the same roof as the workplace. Customer companies are happy about the fact that there are personalized services available in connection with the office space, making life easier for their employees.

As hybrid working gains popularity, more and more people want the flexibility to arrange their working hours in such a way that they can manage their personal affairs in the middle of the working day. The storage service meets this need.

Ask more from the reception

Are you interested in renting storage space for your personal use? We offer this service to people who work on Technopolis campuses. The service is available in Vilnius and Oslo.

Ask more about the service from the campus reception!

Salla Brunou

Salla Brunou is an expert in B2B sales and service business. She works as a Concept Manager for campus services and cleaning services at Technopolis.