Smooth, simple relocation process

When a business is on the lookout for a new office space, where does it start? Many opt for a broker, to ensure the relocation process is smooth, simple and positive. Eureka is one of the companies that used a broker to secure just that: "We are pleased to say that we found every aspect positive."

Eureka enlisted the help of real estate agency Realia on 1 July 2022 to look for new premises. No sooner than on 17 October, Eureka had already settled in here with us at Technopolis Fornebu. The entire relocation went at record speed. Once the papers were signed on 20 September, we were welcoming Eureka into their new offices just 20 days later.

The process is characterized by fruitful cooperation between the real estate agency, Technopolis and Eureka. Mutual trust was a key part of the process, and quick feedback from all parties meant the relocation went smoothly. On that basis, Eureka and Technopolis quickly struck a chord, resulting in a smooth, simple and positive relocation.

Nina Hjartåker Nerland, Director of HR at Eureka, is pleased to say that they found every aspect of the process positive. In a market many are unfamiliar with, it was reassuring to have real estate agents with profound knowledge of the market – and who were careful to accommodate Eureka's needs.
"In the past three years, we have moved three times, and we have used the same commercial property agents all three times. In other words, we are highly satisfied with all the help Realia have given us. They've always gone to great lengths to understand our needs whenever we've been looking for a new office," says Hjaråker Nerland.

One of the key factors in Eureka's choice of office premises was the flexibility Technopolis offers. Eureka can easily scale up or scale down the capacity of its premises, in line with the company's operations and growth. Many of the clients who come to us have the ambition to grow. Thus, we go the extra mile to achieve the client's ambitions by facilitating everything that entails – including moving in-house within Technopolis if need be. In addition, the number of meeting rooms and silent rooms is well equipped for productive workdays at the water's edge at Fornebu.

"Technopolis really facilitated the relocation process, and we are pleased to say that we found every aspect of the process positive: Everything from Technopolis granting us flexible lease terms, to Realia real estate giving us great advice. Once we saw that rooftop terrace overlooking the fjord, it was a done deal for us," she adds with a smile.

Location was also important. Since Eureka already had offices on the Fornebu peninsula, they did not have far to go to relocate. Hjartåker Nerland elaborates that Fornebu's central location is a boon for Eureka's staff, who live all around the Oslo area. So, once again, Fornebu – which offers great public transport and proximity to customers – was a natural choice.

To summarize: flexibility, trust and efficiency were the key factors in this relocation process and bear witness to a fruitful cooperation.