Sustainability is more than energy efficiency

Sustainable workspaces can offer companies a significant competitive advantage. We encourage you to challenge your work environment to explore how well it meets the criteria for sustainability.

Sustainable workplaces can give companies a significant competitive advantage by boosting work well-being and job performance as well as increasing cost-efficiency. A sustainable workplace projects a positive corporate image, while the details of achieving sustainability are handled by the workspace provider.

“When speaking of sustainability, single issues, such as a vegetarian diet, recycling or energy efficiency often come up. We see sustainability as a much larger issue, however. It is an essential part of what we offer our customers,” says Johanna Kivelä, Sustainability Manager at Technopolis.

Sustainable workspaces improve well-being, minimize environmental pressure and are cost-efficient.

“We believe that many companies could streamline their offices if planning of the entire working environment is done wisely and holistically, based on the actual needs of its employees. This is in the very core of sustainable thinking!”

Feeling well and being connected

“For us, sustainability stands for the well-being of the employees of our customer companies. We are always on the alert to what type of working environment best supports their daily well-being. It’s enjoyable to work in a well-designed space,” says Kivelä.

In Technopolis premises, sustainability to enhance work well-being and job performance starts with a well planned, pragmatic layout that ensures fresh indoor air, lighting and acoustics. All of the restaurants offer vegetarian options, several of the campuses have gyms, and bicycle parking areas and shower facilities encourage cycling to work – weather permitting. Most Technopolis premises are centrally located and easy to reach by excellent public transport. The work-life balance is furthered through campus services, such as family movie days and daycare centers located on Technopolis facilities.

Comfortable shared areas and networking events give rise to impromptu encounters and a sense of community between different companies and their staff. In turn, they create new opportunities for cooperation. One example is the Technopolis Business Breakfasts that offer interesting speakers and current topics that broaden one’s knowledge and can have a positive impact on one’s own work. Well-being webinars offer new and interesting information about welfare.

Coworking is the trend of today and the future

The sharing economy is a rapidly growing global trend. This transformation couples very well with Technopolis’ operations and sustainable thinking because our premises offer both efficiency and flexibility.

The workspace and services can be used whenever and as much as they are needed.

“We are strongly involved in the coworking phenomenon. Our coworking spaces follow a carefully thought-out concept that entails practically everything needed for modern work life, from internet connections to ergonomic office furniture,” explains Kari Kokkonen, Chief Real Estate Officer at Technopolis.

Comfort is the key

A sustainable office is efficient and comfortable. According to Kokkonen, the Technopolis premises are designed to be as efficient as possible starting with the foundation and construction of the building. When following the strictest design, only 6–8 square meters are needed per person. That means two to three people can comfortably work in a space previously occupied by only one person.

“Comfort is a priority. We pay great attention to acoustics, lounges, phone booths and meeting rooms.”

Users of the buildings may not even be aware of all the careful planning and thought that goes into creating a sustainable, pleasant and efficient work area. Technopolis premises both in Finland and in Vilnius, Lithuania use green electricity, and roof solar panels are becoming more common.

“We use district heating and cooling. In Kuopio, for example, the cooling energy comes directly from the bottom of a lake. We have agreed on a large solar system with Oulun Energia, a Finnish energy company in Oulu.”

Energy efficiency is a top priority in property maintenance. It means savings in emissions as well as euros. We naturally set goals for energy efficiency, and the results are measured regularly.

Certified sustainability

Technopolis’ operating culture entails systematic goal-setting and measuring the achieved results. The same goes for sustainability. Technopolis uses LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) environmental certificates of the buildings as management, minimization and measurement tools of environmental impact. LEED certificates are verified by a third party and include several measurements: indoor air, energy efficiency, materials and waste, water consumption and innovations. At the end of 2017, Technopolis had 25 LEED certificates and two BREEAM certificates. This corresponds to 43% of Technopolis’ entire real estate stock measured by square meters. Approximately 13% of all LEED certified buildings in Finland are owned by Technopolis.

Customers of Technopolis can proudly cite the sustainable maintenance of their premises when reporting their own sustainability.

Have a sustainable work day at Technopolis

  • Customers of Technopolis need less space per employee – reducing harmful environmental impact.
  • 43% of the buildings have an environmental certificate ensuring that the work environment is a priority during construction and during the use and maintenance of the buildings.
  • 53% of the energy used by Technopolis is renewable energy.
  • Customers find working in Technopolis premises enhances the company’s image, employee satisfaction, networking and job performance.
  • The well-being of our customers is promoted in various ways, including the indoor environmental quality, healthy building materials, customer mobility and creating a sense of community.
  • Vegetarian food and other healthy lunch options are available at every campus.
  • Technopolis premises are easy to reach – they are usually centrally located with excellent transport connections.
  • Customer satisfaction at Technopolis in 2017: 4.13/5