Technopolis Beta building will adapt to a wide range of business needs after its reconstruction

As the buildings developed by Technopolis Lithuania, which manages the largest office campus in the country, are almost fully occupied, all future clients are being directed to the Beta building, which is currently under reconstruction. At the end of the year, the 10-floor, almost 23,000 sq. m building will be open to companies of all sizes.

“The facade of the building will remain unchanged after the reconstruction, but everything inside of Beta is undergoing a fundamental change, from the majority of the engineering systems to the layout and interior. Until now, Beta has been dedicated to two large companies, but after the reconstruction, the building will be able to accommodate many companies of different sizes. We have a great opportunity to transform the previously acquired real estate in line with Technopolis’ international standards of flexibility,” says Linas Savickas, the interim Business Unit Director of Technopolis Ozas in Vilnius. 

“Although the reconstruction plan was drawn up before the pandemic, the new reality and the trends in office transformation have allowed us to revise our standards and double check their relevance for today. We are redeveloping the Beta building with the most possibly flexible layout of common spaces on each floor and work areas that can be easily changed. We only pre-install ceilings with lighting, leaving the wall layout to be adapted to the requirements of each tenant. Should these needs change again in the future, the space will continue to be easily enlarged or reduced,” says L. Savickas.

The post-pandemic “office as a home” trend will also be reflected in the renovated building – the Technopolis team, in collaboration with Lithuanian Tomas Jasiulis, aims to create a very cosy interior for the common areas of the Beta building. It will be dominated by warm earthy tones, wood and brick materials, enlivened with brighter colours, and will feature a large number of plants and decorative elements, as well as seating areas. The designers set themselves the task of creating an interior that is as sustainable as possible, keeping the solutions that have already proven themselves in the building, and combining them with innovation in the most organic way.

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After the reconstruction, the Beta building, which is located next to the busy Kalvariju street, will become accessible to the needs of Vilnius residents – the ground floor will be used as a conference centre and the catering space will be extended. On the second floor, the space for small offices will be built with common infrastructure – it has proved to be very successful in Technopolis and will be further developed. In this space, small companies will share meeting rooms, a large kitchen and a lounge area, which, according to the designers, will encourage communication not only within the internal teams of the companies, but also between the organisations themselves.

“This building is distinguished by its convenient location – not only is it situated next to one of the city’s busiest streets and easily accessible by various means of transport, but it is also located in the heart of the Technopolis office city. All our infrastructure and the surrounding catering and service businesses are therefore within easy reach. We will also be able to offer the tenants of Beta a very large parking lot with 717 parking spaces and reception services,” says the interim Business Unit Director of Technopolis Ozas in Vilnius.

The reconstruction of the Beta building is expected to be completed by the end of the year, and the first tenants are already signing contracts and planning their settling downs.

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