Technopolis boosts its energy-saving measures and encourages its customers to save energy

The shared workspace expert Technopolis boosts its long-term energy efficiency work with the aim of further reducing its energy consumption during the coming fall and winter seasons.

Aiming at increased energy saving, the measures mainly concern the electricity consumption and heating of Technopolis campuses. Another primary focus is on instructing customers and Technopolis staff on how they can support energy saving through their own actions.

Technopolis’ 16 campuses host 1,500 companies and 45,000 employees in six countries within Europe.

“As a responsible real estate company, we consider it obvious that we must participate in energy saving. As regards the planning and implementation of the measures, it is essential for us to take concrete actions to save energy while ensuring that we do not compromise the security or the indoor air quality of our properties,” states Niko Pulli, CEO of Technopolis.

Technopolis implements energy-saving measures at its properties in cooperation with its long-time service and maintenance partners such as Are, Granlund, Caverion and Lassila & Tikanoja.

“We have always had a close relationship with our partners. For years, we have jointly defined our energy-saving targets as well as the metrics and measures related to indoor air quality, which are also included in our contracts. The enhanced energy-saving measures are part of a continuum of our cooperation,” says Kari Kokkonen, Chief Real Estate Officer at Technopolis.

AI controls the energy consumption of properties

During the fall and winter seasons, the planned energy-saving measures will support Technopolis’ long-term work to decrease energy consumption and improve the energy efficiency of its properties. Technopolis actively monitors the energy consumption of its properties by using artificial intelligence (AI), the newest technology and effective processes to optimize energy efficiency.

“For years, we have worked to improve the energy efficiency of our properties and we use AI-driven (novel) solutions actively. AI controls the energy use of properties efficiently, detects deviations and faults, regulates energy consumption and maintains the indoor conditions,” Kokkonen states.

With its energy-saving program, Technopolis prepares to lower the indoor temperature of its premises, optimize ventilation more accurately as well as reduce the energy consumption resulting from lighting in common and outdoor areas by shortening the daily operating time of outdoor lighting and electric signs.

The planned measures will be reviewed considering each campus's and property's needs.

“Our empty office spaces always have a lower-than-normal indoor air temperature to curb energy consumption. We also encourage our customers to warm up their vehicles in our parking garages only for as long as necessary before using the vehicle. In addition, we are preparing a contingency plan in case there will be challenges in the availability of electricity,” Kokkonen notes.

Supporting customers in energy saving

Technopolis also encourages its customers to promote energy efficiency in their own office spaces at Technopolis. The customer companies are provided with targeted communications and energy-saving tips during the fall and winter.

“Through us, our customers can also contact our partners, who can help them evaluate ways to reduce their energy consumption and decrease electricity consumption in their own office spaces. It is important that we implement these measures in cooperation with our customers and support them in this work,” Kokkonen says.

The enhanced energy-saving measures are part of Technopolis’ sustainability work and support the company’s commitment to using carbon-neutral energy in all its buildings by 2030. Some of the Technopolis campuses are already fully carbon neutral in energy consumption, and all 16 campuses utilize 100% renewable electricity. 74% of Technopolis’ building portfolio has been granted the industry-leading LEED and BREEAM environmental certificates.

Technopolis uses now 100 % renewable electricity on all its campuses

From the beginning of 2022, all of Technopolis’ campuses have been using 100 % renewable and certified electricity.

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