Technopolis’ concrete actions help customers transition to a more sustainable future

The real estate sector is responsible for almost 40% of global CO2 emissions. Workspace expert Technopolis has been incorporating sustainability in the workplace for many years and is actively pursuing its goal of carbon-neutral energy use in all of its buildings by 2030 with concrete actions and initiatives. The latest example is the Innopoli 3 campus in Espoo, Finland, which is being developed into a flagship campus on sustainability.

The environmental and CO2 footprint of buildings and the construction sector is generating discussion at the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), and for a good reason: the sector accounts for almost 40% of total global energy-related CO2 emissions. Energy consumption in buildings continues to rise and represents massive potential for emissions reduction. A key challenge for the sector is to improve the energy use and energy efficiency of existing buildings, as new environmental requirements often apply only to new buildings.

Technopolis is committed to using carbon-neutral energy in all of its buildings by 2030. The company has utilized renewable energy on its campuses since 2013. Today, all campuses in Finland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia and Lithuania use 100% renewable electricity. In addition to procured energy, Technopolis has on-site electricity production with solar panels amounting to 810 MWh. In addition, the company has several pilots ongoing in many countries around reducing electricity and water consumption using artificial intelligence and machine learning. The waste recycling rate of Technopolis campuses in Finland is now 64% – well above the EU goal of 55% by 2025. In the summer of 2021, Technopolis successfully carried out a waste management development project on its campuses in Finland to further increase the waste recycling rate. This project will be expanded to other countries in the near future.

“Sustainability has been an integral part of our business strategy for many years, and we firmly believe that sustainability creates value not only for the planet, but for all stakeholders. As one of the pioneers in the environmental sustainability of workspaces, we are continuously investing in further developing the environmental sustainability of our existing buildings and in obtaining certifications for our new buildings. Our goal is to have 84% of our properties LEED- or BREEAM-certified by the end of 2022, and by 2030 all our buildings will be carbon neutral for energy. The foundation for our sustainability is to enable our customers to be sustainable. Our industry-leading customer satisfaction rate and the feedback we get from our customers and other stakeholders demonstrate that we are on the right track,” says Niko Pulli, CEO of Technopolis.

Innopoli 3 – A flagship campus on sustainability

The Innopoli 3 campus in Espoo is being developed into a flagship campus on sustainability and a benchmark for other Technopolis campuses in the future. Innopoli 3 will be carbon neutral in energy use thanks to the use of renewable electricity and district heating, as well as active and smart energy efficiency optimization. Technopolis is investing in further improving eco-efficiency, advanced analytics and energy optimization at Innopoli 3, and plans to scale the best practices and solutions to other Technopolis campuses.

“Sustainability and sustainable development are important criteria in our real estate portfolio. We are very excited about the new initiatives and pilots that Technopolis is pursuing in order to develop the environmental sustainability of its buildings and the industry as a whole,” says Ellis Short, Chief Investment Officer at Kildare Partners, the owner of Technopolis. “We want companies operating in Northern Europe to know that one simple step to lower their CO2 footprint is to move their office to a Technopolis campus.”

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