Technopolis expands its range of services in Kista – with dog daycare

As Sweden has returned to normal after the pandemic over the past year, many are left with a new family member – a dog. A member who is not always welcome in the workplace. At Technopolis, however, they see the development as an opportunity to offer yet another service at Technopolis Kista when their new customer Trygga Hund moves in.

In 2021, a record 78,000 new dogs were registered in Sweden, an increase of about nine percent compared to the year before, and 25 percent the year before that – a result of working from home during the pandemic according to the Swedish Kennel Club. Technopolis has also seen the growing need to be able to provide spaces for the dogs when their owners are unable to bring the dog to the workplace. When their new customer Trygga Hund moves in during the spring, Technopolis will be able to offer yet another new service on their campus in Kista – a dog daycare.

"We are so happy to be able to offer a completely new service in Kista together with Trygga Hund. Customer service and flexibility are the cornerstones of our business, seeing the needs early and being able to meet them is therefore an important part of our job. In the same way, we provide our customers with postal service or IT services, the initiative to provide the tenants with dog daycare is just as obvious,” says Anders Lindskog, Senior Asset Manager at Technopolis Kista in Stockholm.

Trygga Hund opened its first dog daycare in Järvastaden almost three years ago and since the pandemic disappeared and everyday life returned to normal, the demand for dog daycare has increased significantly. Now they are broadening their operations and moving into Technopolis premises during the spring. They will give priority to the customers who are already housed on the Technopolis campus in Kista. For Trygga Hund, proximity to nature and the flexibility for dog owners to drop off the dog is everything.

“The fact that we have Järvafältet just outside and the opportunity to easily go out with the dogs is crucial. We are very much looking forward to moving in with Technopolis, we have received an incredibly nice reception and their premises are very fresh. I think we will enjoy it very much,” says Åsa Strand, owner of Trygga Hund.

Technopolis currently has properties and office space in Gothenburg and Stockholm on the Swedish market but also moves into the European market with 16 campuses that house a total of 1,500 companies and 45,000 employees. The core business is based on a great customer focus and great flexibility in meeting its customers and providing services such as cleaning, IT service, mail, reception, and sports facilities.

"We constantly strive to be the most desired place to work and in line with the pandemic, things have changed drastically, not only in society at large but also for the industry, we must constantly follow that development, and we do it with an open mind,” says Anders Lindskog.

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