Technopolis Fornebu: The ultimate gateway to the Oslo region

The unexpected pandemic affected most aspects of life, and even the post-covid office landscape has changed. This calls for flexible, bespoke, and perfectly scaled solutions aligned with the new needs. Working closely with clients since the beginning has allowed Technopolis to quickly adapt to customer demand, most recently seen in the renovation of 6500m2 of brand-new office space on top of Fornebu.

The Fornebu airport buildings have served as a gateway to the Oslo region since 1939. Thousands of travelers have embarked on new journeys contributing to economic growth and cooperation across regions and geographies, with the common denominator being that they passed through this very gateway.

As the historic buildings live on today, Technopolis is renovating 6500m2 of the Terminal building into modern office spaces, as part of a Technopolis Fornebu campus totaling 70,000m2 across all buildings. This allows the old airport to still serve as a gateway to a wide range of industries, tech clusters – and pharmaceutical companies – remaining an important hub in the Oslo region.

Due to the old airport buildings’ status as listed buildings, they couldn’t be replaced by new ones. This was seen as an opportunity by Technopolis, which has been operating the premises since 2013, to not only renovate and upgrade the existing buildings, but to prolong the life of the airport that closed 24 years ago, and now keeps serving the region. Different to the days as the Oslo Airport, the campus is now fueled entirely on sustainable energy sources, the Technopolis way.

The new renovation of the top floor answers the demand for scalable and flexible office solutions

Technopolis’ Business Unit Director in Oslo and Stockholm, Alf Astrup, recently announced a new renovation project for the prime office space on the top floor of the old terminal building: The 6500m2 space will be renovated and upgraded to meet contemporary requirements and provide modern amenities. While the view no longer oversees the runway, the bustling and ever-growing Fornebu will provide a rapidly changing view in the coming years.

– We are investing in the development and modernization of this beautiful space here at Fornebu. Naturally, this is done to cater our client needs and in order for us to develop our services in alignment with the post-covid trends we are witnessing. In addition, it is a testimony to our commitment to this historical landmark which has played such an important role in regional and national development. In many ways, it’s a continuation of the area’s legacy. And we are proud to carry it onwards, says Astrup.

Technopolis CEO Niko Pulli continues:

– We decided to invest in the Fornebu campus before even signing on new tenants as we knew there was a great demand for office spaces in the area. Our expertise acquired through decades of industry experience across Northern Europe, combined with our local insights from Norway made us confident that were acting on the current trends demanding smaller, scalable, and flexible office solutions. By continuously striving for modern and sustainable office spaces and solutions, we pave the way in our industry, to the best of our clients. This specific development is a testimony to just that as we have already signed new leases before the space is even ready. Moreover, we are thrilled to see the final product upon completion.

With the campus hosting around 100 companies and 3000 employees in Fornebu region that’s subject to great changes in the years ahead, Technopolis is continuing to facilitate an important economic gateway to the country and region. A gateway housing Norwegian start-ups, old-timers, and international companies at Oslo’s doorstep, with tailored solutions and passionate support.

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