Technopolis has appointed Risto Kivisilta to the new role of Chief Technology Officer in its Group Management Team

Technopolis Holding Plc has appointed Risto Kivisilta as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and member of the Group Management Team (GMT) as of 1 January 2023. Prior to his new role, Kivisilta acted as the company’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) since 2017. CTO is a new position in the company’s GMT, reflecting the increasing importance of technology and digital solutions in the strategy of the shared workspace company.

In the real estate sector, digital solutions and the use of data play a key role in promoting the energy efficiency, administration and sustainability of properties. In addition, they play a key role in the development of services and customer experience. However, a CTO role in the management team is still quite rare in the sector.

Digital solutions have always held an important position in Technopolis’ concept and in developing the customer experience. For example, the company has deployed AI-based systems on its properties, which have generated significant energy savings. With the new GMT position, the possibilities and solutions enabled by technology will now have an even stronger focus on the company’s strategic decision-making.

“Digitalization has been slower in the real estate sector when compared to many other sectors, but it has accelerated exponentially over the recent years. At Technopolis, the opportunities created by different technologies are examined and utilized systematically as part of the company’s business strategy. One could say that technology has become a core part of our business. Therefore, it is more than natural that Risto Kivisilta will participate in our GMT work as CTO,” says Niko Pulli, CEO of Technopolis.

“Personally, my position in the GMT allows me to learn new things and to have more opportunities to influence the company’s strategic decision-making. The CTO role could be seen as a joint project combining technology and business, which allows us to offer our customers even better, data-driven solutions,” says Risto Kivisilta.