Technopolis increases its focus on sustainability and launches a new HUB in Kista

Technopolis is now launching a new sustainable office HUB, developed almost entirely from recycled materials from Technopolis Kista campus in Stockholm. The nearly 600-square-foot area will house about twelve smaller offices and be ready to receive customers early next year.

Earlier in November, Technopolis announced that their Kista campus in Stockholm will undergo an extensive renovation in 2023, including a brand-new reception, gym facility and cafeteria. In addition, a completely new conference center with meeting and conference rooms will be implemented in the coming year. Now Technopolis is taking another grip on the Kista campus and launching its new HUB – based almost entirely on materials and furniture from recycled and sustainable materials.

"We look forward to being able to offer our customers an improved range of services, both by developing our existing spaces, as well as by creating new opportunities. Our new HUB is a good example of this. We wanted to create an opportunity to be able to meet our customers' needs even more, and also do it from a sustainable perspective," says Anders Lindskog, Senior Asset Manager at Technopolis Kista.

Technopolis' new HUB will hold a total area of 557 square meters divided into about twelve offices in the size of 10–36 square meters. The offices in the HUB will also be built in almost entirely recycled materials and is dedicated to supporting growing businesses and providing them with the resources and space. The first customers will be moving in during January and hopefully, more customers will join during the first quarter of next year.

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Anders Lindskog
Senior Asset Manager