“Technopolis is adaptable, flexible and listens to the customers’ needs”

Technopolis was founded in Oulu in 1982 and for the first two decades, operated only in Oulu. Today Technopolis has campuses in six countries: Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden and Luxembourg – and in 11 cities: Oulu, Espoo, Vantaa, Tampere, Helsinki, Tallinn, Vilnius, Oslo, Gothenburg, Luxembourg and Stockholm.

When Marko Lind, Business Unit Director in Oulu, is asked what makes Technopolis a different animal in our field, he has a very poetic answer:

“If I'd use animals to describe Technopolis, I'd say that we are the combination of an eagle, a stoat and a herd animal. Like an eagle builds its nest in the right place, we have chosen the right locations for our buildings. We are agile like a stoat and we take care of each other as a good herd does.”

Get to know Technpolis’ operations in the six countries and what are our biggest strengths according to our Business Unit Directors.

10 campuses in Finland

Technopolis was founded in Oulu in 1982 and for the first two decades, we operated only in Oulu.

Today Technopolis has campuses in five cities in Finland: Oulu, Espoo (since 2003), Vantaa (2003), Tampere (2006) and Helsinki (2008).

Altogether there are 10 impressive Technopolis campuses in Finland – four of which are in Oulu.

“At the heart of Technopolis is the customer and the goal is to support their business, success and well-being. The quality of our adaptable office spaces and services helps companies to focus on their core business. Customers' competitiveness, enabling business and cooperation has also helped us grow over 40 years. These are features we can be very proud of today,” Lind tells.

Technopolis Ülemiste offers outstanding services

Estonia’s capital Tallinn was one of the first Technopolis’ international locations. Technopolis Ülemiste has been providing modern office spaces with outstanding services since 2010.

Technopolis Ülemiste is located in Ülemiste City, which is the largest smart city in the Baltic countries and the biggest privately-owned business campus in Northern Europe.

“Our way to differentiate from competitors is full focus on customers by providing an outstanding service,” Gert Jostov, Business Unit Director in Technopolis Ülemiste sums up.

Find modern office space in Technopolis Ozas

After Tallinn, Technopolis opened its next international campus in Lithuania’s capital Vilnius in 2013. Today Technopolis Ozas consists of six buildings and 105,000 sqm of modern office space.

Linas Savickas, Business Unit Director in Technopolis Ozas summarizes the five biggest things that make Technopolis an expert in its field:

1. Flexibility. We have different types of concepts in one location, like HUB offices, and offices of different sizes.
2. Services. We are a pioneer in the office market with a wide range of services.
3. Size. Technopolis campus creates a business district in the city.
4. Professional team. We have a specific team to run daily office routines, solve problems and look at it as a long-term business to create value for customers.
5. Community.  We have different types of food, and places to have a conversation, relax and play sports.

Technopolis Fornebu is home to different companies

In 2013 in addition to starting to operate in Vilnius, Technopolis also opened its campus in Oslo, Norway.

Upon visiting Technopolis Fornebu, the first thing you will notice is the historic Terminal building which previously functioned as an arrival and departure lounge at the old Oslo airport.

Now at Oslo’s doorstep, Technopolis Fornebu with its tailored solutions and excellent services is home to different companies from start-ups to international companies.

“I think the biggest difference to the other office space providers is that we at Technopolis actually really care about our customers, their staff and their wellbeing. We wholeheartedly wish to make their everyday life easier and their workday more efficient,” tells Alf Astrup, Business Unit Director in Technopolis Fornebu and Kista.

Technopolis Gårda and Kista are the home bases in Sweden

In 2016 Technopolis set up its operations in Gothenburg, Sweden. The attractive Technopolis Gårda offers flexible office space next to the city center and is an excellent spot for your business to grow.

In 2021 Technopolis strengthened its position in the Nordics even more by acquiring a campus in Sweden’s capital Stockholm. Totaling over 44,500 square meters Technopolis Kista offers an excellent signage location with 70,000 passing cars every day and is easily accessible by car or public transport – truly an attractive context for companies and residents.

“Our three biggest strengths are our own personnel that is responsible for the whole customer experience, always improving delivery based on a tight dialogue with every customer about their wishes and needs, and full focus with every resource within the company on only one solution: scalable, flexible offices,” Johan Herner, Business Unit Director in Technopolis Gårda.

“Technopolis is a dedicated customer-oriented animal with unique characteristics in the land of Swedes,” Herner concludes.

Technopolis Gasperich is the ideal spot for companies

Luxembourg was the sixth country to that Technopolis expanded its operations to. Since 2019 Technopolis Gasperich, which is based in a landmark building, has been the ideal spot for companies of all sizes that are looking for flexible office space in Luxembourg City.

“The biggest things that set us apart are our in-house services and our aim for perfection in terms of customer relations and service provision. We are adaptable, flexible and listen to our customers' needs instead of obliging them to accept our conditions. Flexibility usually comes with a price but our price-performance ratio is simply amazing,” tells Alexandro Dozzo, Senior Asset Manager at Technopolis Gasperich.

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