Technopolis Kista campus is being renewed to meet the customer needs even better

Technopolis Kista in Stockholm is being renovated to meet the needs of its customers even better than before. The campus common area will be modernized and in line with the Technopolis concept.

The renovation will be done in two parts during next year. The first phase of the renovation will include building a new reception and entrance, gym, lounge and cafeteria, a new small-office area and new meeting rooms. The second phase will include building a conference center which the new meeting rooms are also part of.

“The main target of the renovation is implementing the Technopolis concept and developing and defining the overall layout of the campus. We are excited about this development and believe it will bring added value to our current and future customers,” tells Anders Lindskog, Senior Asset Manager at Technopolis Kista.

The first phase of the renovation is estimated to be completed by the summer of 2023 and the second phase will start after the summer.

“With the renewed campus we will be even more adaptable to the needs of our customers and are able to offer them a more versatile range of services and solutions in Stockholm,” Lindskog tells.

The service range at the campus has expanded

Offering services that make customers’ everyday lives smoother is a vital part of Technopolis’ solutions and thanks to cooperation with Coor, the service selection at Technopolis Kista has expanded. The new services will be an important addition to the already existing services which have included for example catering, parking, restaurants and events.

“We are very happy that we can now serve our customers even better with a wider range of services, such as office furniture, cleaning and conference services. We can even accommodate needs such as coffee and water machines as well as fruits and plants for office spaces. Our services are highly appreciated and make customers’ daily life easier at our premises,” Lindskog says.

Technopolis Kista, which is 44,500 square meters in size, was acquired in July 2021 by Technopolis and is an important part of the company’s growth in the Nordic market. The Kista campus is situated within walking distance of both the metro and Kista Galleria, and a new tram line, estimated to be finished in 2024–2025, will further improve the accessibility of the campus.

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