Technopolis utilizes analytics and artificial intelligence to optimize energy use in Finland

Technopolis is pursuing its goal of carbon-neutral energy use in its properties by 2030. The company has introduced the EnerKey system for energy and sustainability management and is piloting the L&T Smartti Automation system to develop energy efficiency further.

Workspace expert Technopolis is committed to carbon-neutral energy use in all its properties by 2030. The path to carbon neutrality is built primarily on the development of energy efficiency in buildings and the introduction of renewable energy. Technopolis and its partners are using and piloting technology to optimize energy use: the solutions used on the properties are based, e.g., on automated data analytics and artificial intelligence. They ensure good, energy-efficient indoor air conditions and functioning property management.

“Cooperation is needed to curb climate change, and we also believe it is the key to developing energy-efficient properties of the future. We are constantly piloting new technological solutions with existing and new partners. It is of paramount importance to us to advance the sustainability of our customers by introducing more climate-friendly solutions in our premises,” says Niko Pulli, CEO of Technopolis.

Artificial intelligence anticipates and analyzes data 24/7

With artificial intelligence, it is possible to find phenomena and problems that are traditionally difficult for humans to detect. In addition, potential emerging problems can be detected quickly, as artificial intelligence analyzes data continuously, 24/7.

Technopolis uses the EnerKey system for energy and sustainability management, which collects real-time data related to properties’ energy and water use for the benefit of property maintenance. EnerKey´s built-in intelligence feature, Ines, tirelessly studies the use of energy and water on the properties by combining the data with, i.e., weather data. With this combined information it will assess the energy efficiency of ventilation and heating systems and propose any necessary corrective actions.

Ines' analyses also provide information for planning long-term maintenance of properties and increase understanding of the energy efficiency of the entire property portfolio and the characteristics of different properties.

“When properties are well managed and maintained, maintenance fees also remain at a good level,” reminds Pulli.

To develop energy efficiency further, Technopolis utilizes the L&T Smartti Automation system. Data is imported into the system from various sources, which can be used to anticipate changes, and to control and analyze properties even more efficiently. In the optimization, the system utilizes i.e., information related to heat load of the property, temperature fluctuations, and weather forecasts. In this way, with the help of information, the system can utilize the energy purchased in the best possible way.

Analytical solutions, in turn, guide the maintenance of the property and enable the necessary property care, energy efficiency and permanence of conditions.

Through L&T Smartti Automation, it is possible to implement digital innovations from various operators, such as solutions related to on-demand response and indoor air optimization, so that they can be easily integrated into the property.

“In today's complex properties, attention must be paid to the user, the environment and the economy at the same time, and technology must be harnessed to serve all of these areas. With Smartti Automation, we can avoid sub-optimization and help our customers with energy-efficient property management. In the first three months, Technopolis achieved savings of more than 20 % in the temperature-adjusted total energy consumption of the pilot properties. This is an excellent result, which tells us that there is potential for savings in well-maintained properties, such as Technopolis, with the help of Smartti,” says Tuomas Hietala, Lassila & Tikanoja's Head of Energy Services.

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