Technopolis Workplace Talks: Reboot your workplace

Working life is changing faster than ever. Many companies are facing a strong need to rethink and redesign their workplaces, but it can feel difficult with the unknown future ahead. Work culture and environments need to be developed, but where to start?

Experienced workspace experts Antti Pitkänen (Agile Work) and Tiia Rauhamäki (Technopolis) lead the discussion on rebooting workplaces to meet the new requirements of working life. The discussion took place in our first ever Technopolis Workplace Talks webinar on 20th October.

If these challenges seem relevant to you, we highly recommend watching the recording.

  • How to identify and analyze new business needs?
  • What is the purpose of offices in the future?
  • How to bring people back to the physical workplace?
  • What kind of new leadership tools are needed?
  • What is the role of employee wellbeing in modern companies?

Watch the recording here

Tiia Rauhamäki
Workplace Transformation Specialist, Technopolis
Tiia’s special interests include human beings, workspace functionality and wellbeing at work. Tiia thinks that wellbeing of employees should be a top priority, especially as remote working quickly got a whole new meaning due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Antti Pitkänen
Director of Research and Strategy, Agile Work
Antti Pitkänen works with customer projects as a part of a multi-expert team. Agile Work specializes in planning and managing changes in the workplace. Technopolis has developed a new digital Change Management Tool with our partner Agile Work.