The business case for joy: Why your happiest employees are your biggest asset

Imagine a workplace where every smile translates into money and every satisfied employee propels your company's growth – this is not a utopian fantasy but a data-driven reality.

Studies show a connection between employee happiness and business success. This article uncovers why the most successful businesses are those that place employee well-being at the core of their strategy, and what part a smartly designed office space plays in supporting well-being.

Why happy employees are a smart business move

Christian Krekel, George Ward, and Jan-Emmanuel De Neve led a pivotal study, "Employee Wellbeing, Productivity and Firm Performance", showcasing the strong link between employee satisfaction and business performance.

Drawing from 339 studies encompassing the voices of two million employees and the results from 82,000 business units, their analysis confirms that employee wellbeing significantly influences productivity, customer loyalty, staff retention, and profit margins. This highlights the undeniable business advantage of prioritizing employee happiness.

What they found is compelling:

  • Better work and stronger customer ties: They discovered that employee satisfaction is directly tied to productivity and customer loyalty. This means that the happier your team is, the better they work and the more customers stick around.
  • Lower turnover: The research also showed that satisfied employees are less likely to leave. This can lead to significant savings by cutting costs related to recruiting and training new staff.
  • Higher profits: Lastly, they found that a happy workforce is a profitable one. Happy employees often lead to healthier bottom lines, emphasizing the financial wisdom in looking after your team’s wellbeing.

These insights are invaluable for any company looking to boost performance and foster long-term growth. It's clear that the happiness of your employees isn't just nice to have—it's a key driver of success.

Discover more about what the study reveals in this insightful blog post from the London School of Economics.

What really makes employees happy

Job happiness involves more than just earnings, as discovered by The Boston Consulting Group in their survey of over 200,000 people around the world. Of course, fair compensation is one of the factors affecting the happiness of employees, but that’s not all. There are numerous other elements that significantly impact the well-being and satisfaction of employees. Let’s explore these key factors contributing to employee contentment at work.

  • Recognition: Valued efforts and achievements.
  • Workplace relationships: Positive and supportive interactions.
  • Work-life balance: Flexible scheduling for personal and professional balance.
  • Professional growth: Access to development and promotional opportunities.
  • Job stability: Assurance of continued employment.
  • Fair compensation: Wages that reflect industry standards and role expectations.
  • Engaging work: Tasks that resonate with personal interests.
  • Company mission: A workplace ethos that aligns with personal ethics.

BCG's research points to a comprehensive approach to employee satisfaction, where emotional and professional support, along with recognition, trump financial incentives.

How to build a happy workplace

Investing in the happiness of your employees isn't just good for morale; it's smart business. A crucial aspect to consider is the role of office space in fostering factors that contribute to employee well-being.

A well-designed office space is instrumental in nurturing workplace relationships and bolstering company culture. Strategic locations with excellent transportation options and surrounding services support a healthy work-life balance.

Actively involving employees in the design and planning of office spaces is crucial. A workspace tailored to employees’ needs not only enhances the appeal and attractiveness of the office but also directly contributes to employee happiness.

We at Technopolis know that the office isn't just a place to work; it's a hub where company culture thrives, and meaningful connections are formed. Our customizable office solutions are designed to nurture these relationships and promote a vibrant work atmosphere.

  • Encourage teamwork: We tailor your office layout to support both individual focus and team collaboration. Introducing areas like shared lounges and coffee nooks can spark valuable interdepartmental exchanges.
  • Focus on health: Build wellness into your workspace with features like on-site gyms, quiet rooms for meditation, or accessible health services.
  • Support hybrid work: Remote work comes with its perks and pitfalls. Counteract the downsides by making the office a hub for regular meet-ups and social gatherings that strengthen team bonds.
  • Easy commute: Our campuses are easily accessible with public transport, cars and bicycles.


The link between employee happiness and business outcomes is undeniable. Studies have proven that a satisfied workforce boosts productivity, loyalty, and profits. Businesses that understand this relationship are building environments where happiness is part of the organizational fabric—benefiting both their people and their performance.

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