The CO2 emissions of Technopolis’ campuses have decreased by 75 percent from 2019

Technopolis’ campuses in Helsinki and Vantaa, the Yliopistonrinne campus in Tampere, and three campuses in Oulu have shifted to fully carbon-neutral energy consumption in early 2023, thanks to the introduction of carbon-neutral district heating solutions and active optimization of energy efficiency. The Otaniemi campus in Espoo and the Ydinkeskusta campus in Oulu have already been carbon-neutral in terms of energy consumption.

For a decade now, all Technopolis campuses in Finland have used only 100% carbon-free electricity. Now, the majority of campuses in Finland are also carbon-neutral in heat production and, consequently, in all energy consumption. Thanks to this change, as well as the optimization of energy consumption, Technopolis has been able to reduce the CO2 emissions (Scope 1 and 2) from energy consumption on its campuses by 75% since 2019. Technopolis’ campuses host 1,500 customer companies and 48,000 employees in six European countries.

“The emissions of the real estate sector indirectly affect a large number of businesses and employees. The basis of our sustainability work is to enable sustainability for our customers who use our properties,” says Niko Pulli, CEO of Technopolis.

In 2022, the total CO2 emissions (Scope 1 and 2) of Technopolis’ properties in Finland were 9.8 CO2e kg/gross sqm, which is approximately 50% less than in 2019. Development is also carried out in Technopolis’ other operating countries, and the specific emissions of all countries have already decreased by 75% within the same period. Finland’s lower percentual change is caused by, for example, a better starting point in the reference year 2019.

“The origin of purchased energy is very important for achieving carbon neutrality. However, improving energy efficiency plays an even more important role, and we are continuously taking concrete actions in that area, for instance, through AI solutions that optimize energy consumption,” says Johanna Kivelä, Sustainability Manager at Technopolis.

One of the solutions used for optimizing energy consumption is the L&T Smartti automation system, which utilizes data on, for example, facility utilization rates and weather forecasts. While planning and carrying out energy efficiency improvements, it is important not to compromise indoor air quality on the properties. The optimization systems in use ensure good indoor air quality conditions in an energy-efficient manner. Cooperation with local energy companies is also crucial for increasing the level of carbon neutrality.

“We are always primarily seeking to decrease our energy consumption and then to purchase energy from a carbon-neutral source. Carbon offsets are the very last solution that we turn to only after every other alternative has been explored as thoroughly as possible. The 75% reduction in specific emissions has been achieved entirely through energy supply and optimization efforts, without any offsets,” Kivelä explains.

“As a company, we are committed to carbon-neutral use of energy in all our properties by 2030. Now, we have already achieved that target on a large proportion of our campuses in Finland – seven years ahead of schedule,” Pulli comments on the company’s sustainability goals.

Technopolis campuses that are now fully carbon-neutral in all energy consumption are the following:
Ydinkeskusta, Oulu
Peltola, Oulu
Kontinkangas, Oulu
Linnanmaa, Oulu
Otaniemi, Espoo
Ruoholahti, Helsinki
Aviapolis, Vantaa
Yliopistonrinne, Tampere

More information:
Johanna Kivelä
Sustainability Manager
+358 40 761 1577