The Head of Technopolis Lithuania to Change

The management change of Technopolis, the largest office campus in Lithuania, will take effect as of June 1. The interim Business Unit Director of Technopolis Ozas in Vilnius, Linas Savickas, who is also the Head of Sales, will succeed Lina Maskoliune in the role.

Lina Maskoliune worked as the Business Unit Director of Technopolis Ozas in Vilnius for almost 8 years.  Under her leadership, the international real estate company in Vilnius has expanded to more than a 100,000 sq. m rental area located in eight different buildings.

“I want to express my sincerest thanks to Lina, who has been leading the Technopolis Ozas campus with a firm yet humane touch. Since our entry in the Lithuanian market, Technopolis has been built and grown into the largest office campus in this country. Her leadership has also enabled us to successfully implement our strategic innovations in the Lithuanian market. Technopolis was the first real estate company here offering more than squares, and providing a complete one-stop-shop package of quality services for its clients. I wish Lina all the best in whatever the future may hold. I am also very happy to welcome Linas to Team Technopolis“, says Niko Pulli, the CEO of Technopolis Holding Plc.

Head of Sales Linas Savickas will temporarily take over the role of  L. Maskoliune, following Lina’s decision to change the direction of her career. L. Savickas, who has recently joined Technopolis, previously worked for the largest real estate development and construction companies, YIT Kausta and Darnu Group. In recent years, Linas has focused exclusively on commercial and office premises.

“The office rental market today is in such an interesting situation that it has probably never been before. I believe this will open up new possibilities, and this transformation will later be presented in the economics textbooks. I accept the new role as a huge and interesting challenge. Together with the team we are going to implement Technopolis’ adaptability strategy as widely as possible on a practical level. Adaptability lies in the nature of this company, therefore we will strive for every present and future client to think of us as the partner who simplifies their everyday activities,” says Linas Savickas, the interim Business Unit Director of Technopolis Ozas in Vilnius.     

“Another goal is to maintain the excellent quality of service we provide for our customers. When I joined Technopolis, this exceeded my imagination and expectations. Sometimes it even seems that we are more of a service company than a real estate company, so I will thrive to maintain and expand this direction on a high level,” L. Savickas emphasizes.