The office, a key space for dialogue

Although it has become widespread since the Covid pandemic, remote working is not without impact on companies, particularly on their productivity. More than ever, it is vital to have workspaces where staff feel comfortable – something Technopolis has been offering for 40 years.

Across Luxembourg, many employees are calling for remote working to be continued. Although such practices undoubtedly offer greater comfort to employees and have become the norm since the Covid pandemic, do they provide companies with the same benefits? “We often hear that remote working makes employees more efficient. This may be true on an individual basis, but on a company-wide basis the figures tend to tell a different story. The reason for this is simple: direct interaction is more effective, and it also creates a type of mirroring that is of benefit to the company. People need people,” says Niko Pulli, CEO of Technopolis, a company offering adaptable office space to companies.

From Finland to Luxembourg

The leaders at Technopolis know what they are talking about. The company was founded in 1982 in Oulu, Northern Finland, and has a long history of expertise in this field. After working locally, benefiting in particular from the rapid growth of the Nokia group in the city, Technopolis extended its activity in Finland, and then to other Scandinavian and Baltic countries, before arriving in Luxembourg in 2019. “Our concept has always been the same: to acquire and fit out well-located workspaces that offer an ideal setting for employees so that they can concentrate 100% on their work,” adds the CEO of Technopolis. “This means that we don't just put up walls and furniture. We also offer a range of services, including cleaning, catering, and day-to-day support to meet all the needs of companies and employees.

This service has not really slowed down as a result of the Covid pandemic. “Remote working has been around for a long time in Finland, but everyone realised the importance of being able to meet in the office,” says Niko Pulli. “In Luxembourg, as elsewhere, companies have not given up their offices either, but we have received some requests to adapt spaces. Our buildings are modular, so moving partitions to better meet Customers’ needs is not a problem,” adds Alexandro Dozzo, senior asset manager at Technopolis Gasperich.

Listening to our customer’s needs

Now present in six countries, on 16 campuses, housing 45,000 employees from 1,500 companies, Technopolis has a 68,000m2 site in the Cloche d'Or district. For each company that contacts the site, the process is the same: we listen to the needs expressed by the Customer, we may query their ideas, and then we design a workspace that is customised to their request. “We make sure that the space is available as soon as possible. If it can’t be ready within the desired timeframe, we find temporary solutions to accommodate our customers as best we can. Their satisfaction is our main concern, and this attitude is bearing fruit: although a minimum contract term is for three years, our customers stay with us for an average of eight years,” concludes Niko Pulli.

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The article was originally published in Delano 30.5.2022