Wellbeing at work elevated to a new level – a dog salon arrived on three Technopolis campuses

As the expert in workspaces and work-related wellbeing, Technopolis decided to treat its tenants’ dogs with a wellbeing day. Matleena Salminen’s two huskies enjoyed the day so much that Salminen started to dream of getting similar treatments for herself as well during the workday.

Wellbeing consists of several factors such as how we enjoy the time spent at work, how we are able to recover after the workday, and how our family members and friends are doing.

There are more than 800,000 dogs in Finland. Daily routines of working life also affect them: while dog owners go to work, the dogs will spend the day alone at home.

“Our aim at Technopolis is to serve our customers better than they expect us to do. That means that we constantly study the needs of the companies and their employees working in our spaces and do our very best to provide them with more than squares. As a response to listening to our customers, we have, for example, welcomed a dog daycare service to our campus in Kista, Sweden,” describes Niko Pulli, CEO of Technopolis.

To encourage people to bring their dogs to work, and to offer the dogs a chance to get a fresh cut, Technopolis recently organized a wellbeing day for office dogs on its three campuses: Aviapolis, Otaniemi and Ruoholahti in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

During the wellbeing day, dogs could receive nail clipping and coat trimming, as well as wellbeing tips from a team of professionals, at their owners’ workplace. This was made possible by Pawfect Grooming, a fully equipped mobile salon for dogs.

Asha Singadia Kuronen, founder of Pawfect Grooming

Services at the office make everyday life easier

“Feedback on the campuses was mind-blowingly positive, as there is no service similar to ours. People liked the fact that Technopolis has brought this innovative service into the office,” says Asha Singadia Kuronen, founder of Pawfect Grooming.

“Bringing dogs to your workplace makes you and your colleagues happier. And the more services you have at your workplace, the more likely you are to come to the office to collaborate with your colleagues. Being able to get a haircut for yourself or a coat trimming for your dog right after work makes your days easier,” she continues.

Matleena Salminen works at Technopolis HUB Aviapolis, a space for small businesses on a Technopolis campus right next to the Helsinki Airport. Salminen is an entrepreneur who runs her own copywriting business. What brings her to work at the hub each day is the chance to meet up and collaborate with entrepreneur colleagues.

HUB Aviapolis is also a dog-friendly office, meaning that Matleena is used to bringing her two huskies, Benito and Luna, to the office with her.

“If I had to leave Benito and Luna at home when going to work, I would be forced to schedule my days in more detail and leave the office earlier to take care of the dogs. Working like this is so easy. During meetings and lunch breaks, Benito and Luna can stay in a space dedicated to them. As a private entrepreneur, dogs are also the ultimate conversation starter with others working in the same space,” Salminen says.

Salminen visited the Pawfect van when it arrived at the Aviapolis campus during the wellbeing day. Even though Salminen describes one of her dogs as slightly shy, both canines greatly enjoyed the available treatments.

“Both huskies enjoyed the nail and coat trimmings. At the same time, I was able to take a break from my work, have some fresh air, and chat with others who brought their dogs to the treatment,” Salminen continues.

Does Salminen hope that the grooming van would visit Aviapolis more often?

“Certainly, since I love all kinds of vans from food trucks to salons like this. If there was a salon van for humans, I would definitely visit.”

a dog salon arrived on three Technopolis campuses