Wellbeing comes from a balanced life

We know that happy employees are a company’s best asset. Their wellbeing is directly reflected in how successful a company is. But what are the things that affect job satisfaction and wellbeing? Rewards, of course, play a part, but only to a point. Employees who know their value often look for a deeper meaning in their jobs, a corporate culture that suits them, and the freedom to have the most suitable working hours and place of work.

It has become clear during the coronavirus pandemic that wellbeing at work and a well-functioning work environment go hand in hand. As more people work from home, our work environment has expanded to include our homes, which means that work and leisure are mixed more than before. In a well-functioning work culture, wellbeing consists of so many different areas that they are easy to overlook in everyday life — except when one of the elements is not up to standard or doesn’t work.

Technopolis Balance, a holistic wellbeing solution, came about a year ago when we gathered to discuss what kind of services our client companies and their employees really need. We ended up developing a combination of service that make people’s daily lives easier by adding value to their lives and everyday activities.

A work environment that supports wellbeing and productivity consists of a combination of suitable workspaces, appropriate furniture, and solutions for getting the job done. Elements such as healthy eating, exercise options, and opportunities to analyze body function, as well as ways to enhance recovery also improve wellbeing. Employers can use these kinds of solutions to show that they care about the wellbeing of their employees. People are, after all, by far the most important resource that companies have.

Wellbeing of employees should be a top priority

While circumstances can sometimes take us to our limits, that doesn’t matter as long as we have high-quality activities to counterbalance the stress in our lives. We won’t be exhausted by the occasional hard day at work if we are able to sleep well and long enough. A tough workout only gets better the next time if we allow our bodies to recover.

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, it feels like the people around us are simply trying to survive. We sincerely hope that this special arrangement will be lifted sometime in the very near future.

However, the basic needs that control our lives and past challenges we have faced have not disappeared, quite the contrary. It would be extremely important for people to be able to stop for a moment to reflect on their situation, their daily lives, and their ability to cope despite the current circumstances.

I encourage companies to develop employee-specific aspects of their businesses alongside systems, processes, and digitalization, which are the usual focus. Everything we do, both as companies and as individuals, is a matter of balance. Here at Technopolis, we help our customers add elements that bring overall wellbeing and balance to their employees’ daily lives.

You can find out more about our Technopolis Balance by visiting our website.

Technopolis Balance

Enhance wellbeing with Balance

What could be more important than the wellbeing of your employees? We believe that the topic of wellbeing is a vitally important one, so we’ve created a holistic solution called Balance that helps companies to make their employees feel and work better.

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