Workspaces are now being transformed rapidly to meet the requirements of hybrid work

Employers are now upgrading their workspaces to meet the requirements of hybrid work. Employees expect offices to have the same level of comfort that they have gotten used to at home over the two-year-long period of remote working.

In many organizations, the established practice of hybrid work, which combines office and remote work, has changed the role and purpose of the office space. For the shared workspace expert Technopolis, this has resulted in a rapid increase in the demand for workspace transformation projects. For example, at Technopolis Tampere, the number of office space transformations has doubled in the first half of 2022 compared to the number of workspace transformations completed in the whole year of 2021. The same development can also be seen at other Technopolis campuses elsewhere in Finland and Northern Europe.

At the beginning of the pandemic, it was predicted that organizations would start to reduce the size of their office spaces since people started to work more from home. But at Technopolis there is no sight of this trend – on the contrary, customers have increased the size of their workspaces.

Listening to the needs of employees has become increasingly important in the designing of workspaces. Now more than ever, office spaces are designed to meet the specific needs of each organization, with a focus on employees’ wishes.

“This year we have seen a significant increase in customer inquiries relating to the renovation of workspaces. The requirements for workspaces have made a 10-year leap forward in a short period of time. This has made organizations realize that they need to adapt to the new needs and requirements that the employees have for workspaces. Employers understand that they need to act now if they want to offer their employees a work environment that meets their expectations,” says Terhi Aho, Head of Services and Concepts at Technopolis.

Office Zones provide needs-oriented and adaptable workspaces

In March 2022, Technopolis launched Office Zones concept which enables even more cost effective and smooth workspace transformations for its current and new customers. Office Zones was created on the basis of Technopolis' 40 years of expertise in answering to its customers’ needs.

Nearly 30 Office Zones workspace transformations have been started since the launch, and the demand is growing.

Office Zones is based on different areas that are designed to meet various needs of employees and combined they create a functional office space. With zones that are tailored to the specific needs of performing different tasks, the workspace can be smoothly customized to best serve the customer’s current and future needs. The zones include complete solutions that suit everything from virtual meetings and large workshops to quiet working, relaxation and inspiring encounters with colleagues. The concept puts emphasis on a personnel survey that maps the employees’ needs and wishes right at the beginning of the project. The results of the survey are then used to design the workspace and select the right zones.

The first transformation projects are on the homestretch, and deep vision data company Mirasys is among the first Technopolis customers to transform its office space according to Office Zones.

Mirasys wished to improve the attractiveness of its office space and to align the office’s look with the company’s brand. The company’s office space is located at Technopolis Otaniemi in the heart of innovation, research and technology area next to such organizations as VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Aalto University. To increase the appeal of the office, Mirasys wanted the space to offer something that a remote office could not. The transformation project began with a personnel survey that helped to identify the employees’ needs. The results were used to find the best solutions from Office Zones.

“We dedicate a lot of time to work, so the office space should provide a pleasant environment. Above all, our new workspace is collaborative, and thanks to the personnel survey, we were able to meet some surprising needs of our employees as well. The modern space also represents our brand,” says Erich Kusuki, CEO of Mirasys.

The new workspace supports Mirasys’ communality – the operations that were previously located in different sections further apart were brought together into one workspace, which was divided into smaller areas using the Office Zones. In addition, a common library will be created to the office space as per employees’ wishes.

The company also considers it important that the work environment enables employees who are working on a computer to rest their eyes during the workday. So, Mirasys moved five floors higher as part of the transformation process, and now the office has a nice view to support this need.

“We put a lot of time into developing the Office Zones and we are very happy with how it has been received. It benefits both the employer and the employees that the workspace meets the requirements of hybrid work and listening to the wishes of employees can really support their interest of working at the office,” Terhi Aho states.


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