Yusse Ibrahim appointed as the new Key Account Manager at Technopolis Kista

Yusrizal “Yusse” Ibrahim is now stepping into the role of Key Account Manager at Technopolis Kista. He will be part of the campus sales team and serve as a crucial link between marketing and real estate to further strengthen the seamless collaboration between these two areas. Yusse Ibrahim has extensive experience in the real estate industry, particularly with office spaces.

Yusse Ibrahim started as a Sales Manager at Technopolis back in 2019 and worked in that role for about one and a half years. After that, he spent almost three years as the Head of Sales at another real estate company, overseeing several facilities throughout Sweden and leading a sales team of nine people. During his career, he has gained extensive and solid experience in the real estate industry, particularly in office spaces. Now, Yusse Ibrahim rejoins Technopolis as a Key Account Manager on the Kista campus in Stockholm with a focus on creating and developing long-term relationships with both existing and new customers.

“I am returning to Technopolis Kista as a Key Account Manager with great anticipation. My ambition has always been to deeply understand our customers’ needs and how we can create the best conditions for them, whether it’s a security company or a dog daycare center. It is a great honor for me to once again be part of Technopolis’ continued success in the Swedish market,” says Yusse Ibrahim.

In an ever-changing work environment, Technopolis’ ability to understand and adapt to customers’ needs is crucial in creating a flexible ecosystem that helps businesses thrive in the dynamic landscape. Yusse Ibrahim believes that this forward-thinking approach puts Technopolis in a leading position when it comes to redefining what a workplace can be in today’s fast-paced and evolving business landscape.

“My perception is that Technopolis differs significantly from traditional real estate companies through its exceptional ability to adapt to an ever-changing and dynamic work environment. At Technopolis, we not only offer physical office spaces but also flexible solutions that seamlessly match the versatile needs of modern businesses, which sets us apart from many conventional real estate providers,” Ibrahim continues.

Yusse Ibrahim assumed the role of Key Account Manager on December 1.

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