Flexible seminar rooms in Oulu

Welcome to the ideal spot to host seminars in Oulu. Here you will find a modern selection of seminar rooms that are suitable for hosting hybrid meetings and all kinds of other business and social events.

Technopolis Oulu – Seminar rooms for events of all sizes

The seminar rooms in Oulu are located on two of our Oulu campuses, Peltola and Linnanmaa. You can find a total of six seminar rooms between the two campuses, with the spaces capable of hosting training and coaching sessions, workshops, seminars, and other business events.

There are four seminar rooms on Oulu’s Peltola campus. Silfvan, named after the “first actress of Finland” Maria Silfvan, is a stylish space filled with natural light that is suitable for seminars of up to 100 people. Microphones are normally not needed in this room due to its unusual triangle shape, as the audience is in cloxe proximity to the speaker.

The Vaara and Lyötty meeting rooms both have a capacity of 20 people, but can also be merged together into a seminar room that hosts over 40 people. These two rooms have movable screens that organizers can place in their preferred way. Seminars can also be held in the auditoriums on Peltola or Linnanmaa campus.

On Linnanmaa campus there’s a further two seminar rooms. Amerikka is an intimate room based on Teknologiantie 1 that can hold up to 34 people, while Oulu room on Elektroniikkatie 8 provides another quiet environment that can also be merged with our auditorium to create a bigger space.

Why Technopolis meetings?

It’s simple, really. We build the stage for your show with:

  • Over 200 modern meeting rooms for events of all sizes, plus high-quality catering and restaurants
  • Customer service to help with your every need
  • A focus on sustainability, from recycling and catering to intelligent heating and lighting
  • Technical support available