Services at Fornebu

Your functional work environment combines office space and access to our services. Discover all the services available on this campus.

Meeting rooms & catering

A selection of attractive meeting rooms can be found on this campus, as well as catering services for meetings, seminars, training sessions, and events.

Read more about our meeting services and take a look at our meeting room options

Experience the campus and some of our meeting rooms virtually here


Designated parking spaces are available for your company at Technopolis. Drivers of electric vehicles can find 70 charging stations in our indoor parking lot on levels U1 and U2. Free parking for motorbikes is provided on levels U1 and U3, while on level U1 there is a lockable bike storage area.

See more information on visitor parking and read instructions on how to get here

Reception & security

We often hear that our reception service is the one thing that our customers value the most. Our professional staff do everything they can to make your life easier, including welcoming guests and informing you of their arrival, and handling all incoming and outgoing mail.

If you are receiving visitors, they can register online through OnVisit. We also offer switchboard services by Telefonsekretæren.

The overall security and access control policies are handled by our security partners and reception services.

Restaurants & coffee shops

You can discover coffee shops and top restaurants run by passionate chefs on our campus. All coffee shops and restaurants are open from morning until late afternoon.

Fornebu campus is home to three exceptional restaurants: Transit on the first floor, Asia on the second floor, and Expedisjonen on the third floor. Transit and Expedisjonen serve up a selection of tasty options that range from traditional Scandinavian cuisine to ample salad buffets and delicious warm dishes. Asia, on the other hand, is the place to go if you feel like a tempting stir fry. If you’re on the go, you can also stop by the coffee shop to grab a pastry, refreshing smoothie, or cup of coffee to take away.

Gym & fitness

Stay in shape by visiting the modern, well-equipped gym on this campus. It’s easy to drop by before or after your workday, or even during your lunch break.

If you want a bit of extra attention, Fornebu PT-Studio offers sessions with personal trainers in their own studio in Terminal building.

Locker rooms & showers

Changing rooms, showers, and towels are available to everyone on the campus. You can also rent your own locker by asking for a key at reception.

Beauty & health

You can find beauty and health services a few minutes from your office at this campus.

Head Frisør in Portal bulding offers special prices for hairdressing, beauty, and skin care services.

Fornebu Tannlegesenter is a dental practice in Terminal building that offers special prices for our customers.

Fornebu Kiropraktorsenter is a massage therapy and chiropractic clinic in Terminal building.

Cleaning & maintenance

Clean offices and shared spaces are key to a comfortable and pleasant working environment. Monthly cleaning is a standard at our campuses, but you are welcome to select additional cleaning services on top of that.

In addition to offices and shared spaces, the rest of the indoor and outdoor areas on our campus are always well maintained.


Get involved with a lively community of different companies and professionals. Networking is encouraged by regular business and social events organized by Technopolis.

At Technopolis Fornebu, you are a part of our vibrant Community called Technoport, that offers professional and social events with unique opportunities for networking with other companies and team building with your own colleagues.  Here is a link to the Fornebu Technoport Articles of Association!

Workplace solutions

How many square meters does your company need? Are you looking for an activity-based or open-plan office? Do all of your employees need their own workstations? We will help you with all of this!

As part of our workplace solutions, we help you analyze your company’s needs, design your space with our interior designers, provide you with furniture and installation, recycle your old office furniture, and more. Our workplace solutions are a holistic service that will provide your company with the most functional office environment possible.

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Internet connections

A fast and reliable internet connection is a vital part of any functional workplace. You have full access to high-speed internet connections and network solutions at our campus.

Other services

Technopolis tenants and their employees are welcome to take advantage of the extensive list of discounts we have negotiated with various shops, health centers, hotels and more. For more information, download our app and find more information under Easy4U.