Instructions for the use of Technopolis’ virtual lobby’s reader

By using the Technopolis virtual lobby, you can invite your guests in Outlook, send reminders and deliver informative arrival directions.

The service works with MS Office 365, Gsuite and Apple calendars. An easy-to-use addon is available for MS Office 365 users. See installation instructions below.

Installing the add-in and creating invites

Instructions for installing Outlook Add-in and creating invites can be found through this link. You will need the virtual lobby’s xml address for installation. Please check your lobby’s xml address from the list below.

Asemakeskus, Tampere
Aviapolis, Vantaa
Hermia 1 D, Tampere
Hermia 1 H, Tampere
Hermia 10, Tampere
Ydinkeskusta, Oulu
Ruoholahti, Helsinki
Beta, Ozas, Vilnius
Nova, Ozas, Vilnius

The virtual lobby service can be added as a recipient of the calendar invite using the e-mail address below. After this, the virtual lobby service will send other participants reminders and arrival directions. A reminder will be sent out a day before the visit. The message will also include arrival directions.

Hermia 1 D,
Hermia 1 H,
Hermia 10,
Beta, Ozas,
Nova, Ozas,

Arrival of guests

Guests can register in the campus lobby as they normally would, or they can register in the virtual lobby by showing the QR code enclosed in the invite to the reader or by entering their own name.

  • The service will notify the sender of the invite of the guest’s arrival via text message.

Access information:

  • The service is part of Technopolis’ campus service
  • The campus service’s service description and information security description have been delivered to your company’s contact person
  • The company’s user information has been exported into the virtual lobby in March 2022
  • Your company’s contact person may have refused the transfer of the company’s data. In this case, the service is not available to your company. Please ask your company’s contact person for more information.

Do you have any other questions? For more information about the campus service and access, please contact For technical support for the virtual lobby service, please contact