Privacy policy for Technopolis groups’ job applicants

1 Data controller

Technopolis Holding Plc, a Finnish public limited liability company with business ID 0487422-3, and the following companies belonging to the same group of companies ("Technopolis Group") that act as recruiter and as a joint controller as applicable in the respective jurisdiction:

Finland: Technopolis Oy (business ID 2992763-5)
Sweden - Göteborg: Technopolis AB (business ID 559060-9474)                   
Sweden - Kista, Stockholm: Technopolis Kista AB (business ID 559306-2572)
Norway: Technopolis Holding AS (business ID 912 237 885)
Lithuania: Technopolis Lietuva UAB (business ID 302756782)
Technopolis Ozas UAB ((business ID 302695354)
Estonia: Technopolis Ülemiste AS (business ID 11978111)

Hereinafter “we”, “us” or “our” shall refer to the data controller(s). “You” or “your” shall refer to the data subject.

2 Contact details

Privacy Coordinator of Technopolis Group, email:, tel: +358 46 712 0000 (customer service), address: Energiakuja 3, FI-00180 Helsinki

3 Name of register

Job Applicant Register

4 Legal basis and purpose of processing your personal data

We process your personal data because you are applying a job at us or of potential recruitment at our initiative. We process your personal data based on

  1. performance of any measures required prior to entering into an employment agreement between us and you;
  2. compliance with legal obligations to which we are subject to based on your job application to us;
  3. for the purposes of our legitimate interests (including any company belonging to the Technopolis Group), and/or
  4. your consent.

With respect to items (1)-(2) above we collect and process your personal data to evaluate your reliability through the use of credit information and criminal record information, and fulfilment of obligations relating to equality.

With respect to item (3) above we collect and process your personal data to

  • evaluate and compare job applicants;
  • manage the application and recruitment processes;
  • support HR resourcing;
  • enable you and other applicants to be contacted;
  • enable decision-making when filling job vacancies;
  • seek and recruit suitable employees and process information that is essential for contacting you; and
  • manage your consents (if applicable) to e.g. personality and suitability assessments.

With respect to item (4) above we collect and process your personal data to conduct personality and suitability assessments and tests.

5 Types of your personal data we collect

We collect your following personal data in connection with the job application procedure (* mandatory information regarding the processing of applications):

  • basic data, including *name, date of birth or personal identification code, gender, native language;
  • basic contact details, including *email address, telephone number, address;
  • your job-search information, such as information on the job applied for, including details of the form and quality of the employment relationship, and information on the person responsible for the job-search process (more detailed information is provided in the job search form);
  • the information given by you to us including but not limited to your suitability and background,  photographs, videos, information related to your studies and training, your profession, your work history (such as past employers, start and end dates of employment relationships), your language skills, and other special skills, descriptions of your personal characteristics, your various certificates and assessments, information about you available online or other sources as well as your references;
  • information on the progress of your recruitment process, such as information on upcoming interviews or discontinuation of the recruitment process;
  • information that you have made generally available to employers through professional internet services (such as LinkedIn); and
  • any other information that you have voluntarily submitted to us or has otherwise expressly made.

6 Regular sources of your personal data

Your personal data is regularly collected directly from you, or the data is created in connection with the job application procedure related to your potential employment relationship with us. Your personal data may also be collected and updated from other lawful sources such as from our recruitment partners, public data bases such as the population register or registers of other authorities, private databases such as credit information companies or contact information providers as well as other similar trustworthy parties such as LinkedIn and other business and employment-oriented internet services, from the referees named by you.

7 Regular disclosure and transfer of your personal data, and transfer outside the EU or EEA

Your personal data may be disclosed to other Technopolis Group companies, when this is immediately necessary with respect to your job application. In the event of successful recruitment your personal data as such becomes subject to privacy policy for Technopolis Group’s employees.

We use external subcontractors to perform tasks described in this policy, and in such cases, the subcontractors act on behalf of us. Subcontractors are recipients of personal data, and we use them in relation to the following services:

  • HR, recruitment and suitability assessment services
  • legal services
  • ICT system suppliers

We are responsible for the activities of our subcontractors as for our own activities. We will ensure that the subcontractors are committed to protecting your personal data in the manner stated in this policy.

We will not disclose your personal data to any other third party than described above without your consent.

Your personal data will be regularly processed and transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area whereby we ensure that our relevant subcontractors are covered by adequate data protection requirements (e.g EU Commission Model Clauses).

8 Principles of protection of your personal data and data storage period

The only persons who have access rights to the data system where your personal data is processed are our employees (including companies belonging to the Technopolis Group) or our subcontractors and their employees who have the right and need to process your personal data for the purposes described in this policy. Your personal data is protected by such technical and organizational measures that ensure a sufficient and appropriate level of security.

Your personal data is stored for as long as it is necessary to fulfil the purpose of the processing of your personal data.

Your personal data will be kept by us for as long as is necessary for the purposes in question, but always for at least one (1) year after the date on which the recruitment process ended. However, we always have the right to store your personal data or otherwise process them in the circumstances permitted by law in force from time to time. Your personal data in case of successful job application is retained as part of the Technopolis Group’s Human Resources Register and will be subject to privacy policy for Technopolis Group’s employees.

We will regularly assess the need for the storage of your personal data and will also take reasonable measures to ensure that incompatible, obsolete or inaccurate personal data on you is not saved in the register.

9 Your privacy rights

You have the right to inspect your personal data that is stored in the register, as well as to demand correction of any incorrect personal data and deletion of your personal data. Any such requests must be submitted by you in writing to Technopolis Human Resources or Privacy Group at, and you must verify your identity.

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679), you have the right to object or request the restriction of processing your personal data at any time, and to file a complaint against the processing of your personal data to the relevant supervisory authority.

10 Availability of this privacy policy

This privacy policy is available and updated on this website or in another location as informed by us.

Updated                  8 September 2022