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Good for you is good for business

At Technopolis, we want to promote the holistic wellbeing of companies and their employees. Technopolis Balance is a unique combination of services that make your work environment feel and work better.

Analyze your space

Designing a functional space gets a lot easier with proper planning. There are many ways to analyze your work environment but basing your decisions on data is the key to success.

Technopolis’ sensor-based utilization survey gives you facts on how your space is currently being used. With the help of this data, we can help you to optimize your office so that you can always make most of all your space and provide your employees a workspace that truly meets their needs.

We have also developed a new digital Change Management Tool with our partner Agile Work. If your company culture needs holistic update, we can help you with that too!

If you’re interested in analyzing your space or looking into your company culture more thoroughly, get in touch with us!

Read more about Agile Work

Take a bite

It is well-known that quality food is linked to better brainpower. Hence, we believe that good food is inseparable part of a successful workday. At Technopolis, we want to support healthy eating by offering high-quality food options in our restaurants and coffee shops. Our restaurants are committed to serving healthy options and vegetarian choices at lunch. Our catering follows the same principals by providing delicious and nutritious food for all kinds of meetings.

Make a move

Regular exercise has been shown to decrease stress levels. In a well-designed work environment, you can easily incorporate exercising into your daily routine. Many Technopolis campuses include gyms as well as bicycle parking areas and shower facilities that encourage cycling to work. In some of our campuses we arrange yoga classes for the employees of our customer companies. Nothing gets your ideas flowing better than a bit of movement during the day!

Technopolis offers a great variety of ergonomic products that meet people’s special needs at workplace or at home offices. Ask us for more information or order the ergonomic products directly from the link below.

Know yourself

Analyzing your body can truly be interesting and eye–opening. There are high–quality technologies available that can help you recover, sleep better and be a healthier version of you. It goes without saying that if you are better rested and feeling healthier, you are likely to also perform better at work. Future work environments provide more and more wellness services for employees.

We at Technopolis have teamed up with world-class partners to provide you and your employees the best tools to be the best version of you. Our partner Firstbeat offers leading physiological monitoring for stress, recovery and exercise and advanced company-level well-being reporting whereas Neurosonic provides recovery solutions that help you sleep, relax, and recover better. Heltti provides easy-access support for the mental well-being of knowledge workers. Ask us for more information or for campaign offers.

Be cool & comfortable

It is no surprise that the indoor built environment plays a role in our overall wellbeing – especially because of the amount of time we spend indoors. Studies show that there is an increase in cognitive scores for people who work in a green, well-ventilated office. The room temperature is also an important factor in a good work environment: the indoor thermal environment is connected to our health, wellbeing and productivity. For example, too hot office might cause a performance drop. (International WELL Building Institute: Air & ComfortAllen et al. 2016World Green Building Council)

At Technopolis, we put an effort in ensuring a healthy indoor air quality and thermal comfort. We closely examine these through technical monitoring, but we also regularly measure our customers’ satisfaction to the indoor air on all our campuses.

In new construction projects, we have strict targets for purity class and indoor air quality. We invest in the quality of indoor air through air volumes, filter choices, CO2 monitoring of multi-user premises and construction-time purity control. Attention is paid to the low emissions of material choices, and the thermal comfort of the premises.

Enjoy greenery

Biophilia means people’s desire to commune with nature. We actually have a psychological need to be around life and life-like processes. Exposure to views and images of nature can help us to speed up recovery time, boost positive feelings and reduce negative ones. (International WELL Building Institute: Biophilia) It’s only natural, that indoor plants have become more and more popular also in office environments.

With our partner companies Ambius, Innogreen and Naava we can make your workplace bloom and breath better. If you’re interested in our greenery services, please contact us!

Looking good, feeling good

Future offices welcome us in and make us feel productive, inspired, and creative. Functional and beautiful office environments are designed to support our work but also to bring us together.

Technopolis Workplace Solutions is a service for all companies that want to work more efficiently, invest in their company’s success and the comfort of their employees – while saving on office costs. We can help you to analyze the challenges of your current workspace and help to create a plan to improve the situation. Based on the analysis we then design the office so that it truly meets your company’s requirements. Our Workpace Solutions service includes furniture solutions and interior design. We’ll also help you to redecorate and install the furniture as well as recycle your old office furniture.

No noise, please

Office acoustics is one of the most important elements contributing to satisfaction at work. As a matter of fact, distracting noise can cause a 66% drop in performance. But don’t worry, there are many ways to improve the acoustics in the office!

Technopolis offers a full variety of modular phonebooth and acoustic solutions from it’s partner suppliers. Our partners include companies such as Framery and Muotolevy/Module. Get in touch with us, if you’d like to hear more about the options available.

See the light

No one wants to work in a room without natural light – at least for long periods of time. Sunlight not only gives us visual comfort, but also proven physiological benefits. In addition to the natural light, a functional work environment provides appropriate additional lighting designed for various work tasks. Brightness levels are also an important factor in how we perceive the space and how comfortable we feel in it. (International WELL Building Institute: Right light & Visual Lighting Design)

Even though we all know the importance of lighting, a good lighting design is often underestimated or even forgotten. Lighting has a huge effect to work ergonomics as well as satisfaction and overall feeling at the office. Our design team and professional partners can help you to find just a right lighting solution to your office. Contact us for more information!

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