Fujitsu: The office is crucial for company success

The combination of modern technology and a changing work culture is transforming the way we work in offices. Mobile work is on the rise, allowing for changes in work practices and a more effective use of space. But what kind of challenges do fast-moving companies, such as Fujitsu, encounter?

Office spaces must meet emerging needs

Fujitsu moved to the Technopolis campus in Gothenburg a few years ago. Site Manager Johan Kilenius explains what criteria they used when choosing the right location and office layout.

– We did quite a lot of research before deciding on the best office layout. Nowadays there is a big buzz around activity-based offices, so we visited companies that have designed their offices in such a way. We also set up a reference group among our personnel and weighed in on different solutions. We decided that an activity-based office would work best in our line of business.

Fujitsu’s office space is divided into two different work areas. The first one allows for discussions and meetings, while the second one is a silent area where there is no talking allowed and employees can concentrate on their work.

– Activity-based offices are the most efficient way to use space and are flexible. Some of our 120 consultants are often at our customers’ premises. We want to offer them modern IT equipment and a creative and flexible environment: somewhere that allows them to choose a place to work every day, explains Kilenius.

Johan Kilenius, Fujitsu

Measure, improve and repeat

After the move, Fujitsu carried out some analysis on how employees liked the office area and what improvements needed to be taken into consideration. Adjustments were then made in order to please the employees.

Fujitsu measures the use of every workplace twice a year. They also use an electronic booking system in the conference rooms, meaning you can book a meeting room by email or on the go from the panel next to the door. This helps in keeping track of the availability of meeting rooms.

– We have quite a lot of workplaces, so that is not a problem for us, but our conference rooms are always booked. Looking at our data allows us to correct the balance between the two, reveals Kilenius.

Location, services and proactiveness

Johan Kilenius explains what the key factors were in choosing the right office space:

– We wanted to be close to big highways and the downtown area, which is now only a kilometer away. We also took the landlord into consideration. After reviewing many options, we decided that Technopolis gave us the best service and was the most proactive. We receive very good service from Technopolis. Whenever an issue arises, be it big or small, they react very fast. We are very happy with them.

Fujitsu is located in the Technopolis Ullevi campus and offers business consulting, application development, products and infrastructure services. Their biggest customers include Volvo Cars, Västra Götalandsregionen and the City of Gothenburg.

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