Jabra: very satisfied with the level of service Technopolis provides

Jabra is a Danish company known for producing high quality headsets, speaker phones and video cameras to be used in offices. As the company grows, Technopolis Ruoholahti can offer all the flexibility and services they need.

  • Challenge

    Jabra is a Danish company producing high quality headsets, speaker phones and video cameras. With their staff growing vastly, they needed more space and started looking for a new office. Their wish was to find an office location near the customers with access to a wide variety of business services.

  • Solution

    Technopolis found a new office space for Jabra close to customers and within easy access in Ruoholahti, Helsinki. The office space is flexible, adapting to Jabra’s current needs. Technopolis offers a wide variety of services that will help Jabra to run their business. The campus includes a reception area and staff helping with their daily business quests.

“We are very happy here at Technopolis Ruoholahti with Jabra. We have excellent cooperation with Technopolis, and they were able to provide us with everything we needed. For us, the most important aspect for the new office was the location and the level of service”, says Vilja Kolehmainen, Senior Territory Sales Executive at Jabra Finland.

Jabra started looking for new premises roughly a year ago. Previously, they had an office in Haukilahti, Espoo. However, since their staff was growing immensely, they needed more space, new modern facilities and services that would scale to their needs.

“We needed a location that would be perfect for our customers. We also fell in love with the beautiful sea view and the location in Ruoholahti, as it brought us close to the downtown area. The office is within easy reach by car, also because we have a perfect parking space downstairs, but as well accessible by public transportation like metro or tram. Easy access to the airport is also important”, Vilja Kolehmainen continues.

Vilja Kolehmainen, Jabra Finland

Technopolis Ruoholahti has a vibrant atmosphere. Inside you will find modern meeting rooms, a reception area and a friendly staff who are always ready to help with your every business need. All customers can use the communal workspace in the lounge area as well as the informal meeting spots outside the private office spaces.

“In our business, we use a lot of services that Technopolis can offer. Because we don't have any people taking care of the back-office matters, we want to outsource as much as possible. We also receive and send a lot of packages that are handled through the reception. Receptionists are super effective and reliable here!”, Vilja Kolehmainen says and continues:

“When we moved here, we needed to build a new meeting room. Technopolis was more than able to do that. The utility man is very familiar to us; we can utilize his expertise when it comes to anything from mounting lamps to putting signs on walls. We can always call him and he will be there to help. For instance, last week we had to mount some curtains in the meeting room, and he did the job in the blink of an eye.”

All Technopolis buildings on this campus also hold international LEED certificates for energy and environmental conduct.

“One very important aspect for Jabra is sustainability. Technopolis uses 100 % renewable electricity. Also, they have excellent facilities for recycling. As we use so much package materials, I am glad we have all the needed bins for recycling”, Vilja explains.

“I can warmly recommend Technopolis for any company looking for a new office space. The key thing is, that they offer great flexibility and adapt to your needs. If we suddenly needed more space, it would be no problem. Space could be found either here or at any other Technopolis campus in the area”, Vilja Kolehmainen from Jabra Finland concludes.

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