Psycon found modern and sustainable office space at Technopolis Asemakeskus

Psycon chose the modern Technopolis Asemakeskus campus as the location for its office. Psycon’s premises were tailored to the company’s needs, also taking into account the principles of sustainable development.

  • Challenge

    As work life changes, the consultancy firm Psycon needed premises that better support hybrid working. The aim was to find modern and compact premises in the Tampere area that would make it possible to achieve Green Office goals effortlessly.

  • Solution

    Psycon found the right premises for its needs at the Technopolis Asemakeskus campus, which is centrally located in Tampere. The newly constructed office premises offered a comprehensive and environmentally friendly all-inclusive office space solution that aligned perfectly with Psycon’s values.

Psycon is a consultancy company that specialises in personnel assessments and leadership and organizational development. Psycon chose the Technopolis office space in central Tampere. The Asemakeskus campus uses 100% carbon-neutral, certified electricity and the building is LEED certified as a guarantee of environmental friendliness.

"The need to change our office space arose during the pandemic, which forced us to convert all our services to virtual form. We found suitable modern office space that meets our needs at Technopolis Asemakeskus. At that time, the Asemakeskus campus had just been completed and we were able to customise the office to make it our own," says Pekka Salmela, Area Director at Psycon.

Pekka Salmela, Psycon

An all-inclusive solution that covers designing and implementing your office

According to Salmela, daily life at Technopolis is easy, as all necessary services are available under the same roof. The new premises helped eliminate wasted space and achieve significant cost savings without compromising on ecology.

"We absolutely wanted sound-proof workrooms, and Technopolis offered us a design service to meet this need. In addition, we were able to conveniently rent furniture from them without having to resort to third parties. Together, we created a well-functioning solution for us and got the renovated premises in use quickly. Being environmentally friendly is important to us and this has been considered in the premises, with features such as automatic lights and waste sorting. The entire solution has been thought through," says Salmela.

A modern office is sustainable and safe

For Psycon, comfortable and ecological offices are an integral part of the company's brand image. Technopolis Asemakeskus is centrally located next to Tampere railway station, which provides easy transport connections for both customers and employees. Particular attention has been paid to the security of data transfer in the office space, and the stringent ICT requirements were easily met.

"Technopolis’ high-quality premises perfectly support our brand. Their customer service is excellent, and they respond quickly to any maintenance needs. I can honestly recommend Technopolis’ premises to others as well, because the service package is comprehensively designed. You can get office space and services from Technopolis as a complete package, making the process both effortless and affordable. The campuses also feature good lunch restaurants and social premises, if the need arises," Salmela concludes.

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