Getting the most out of events – 9 tips for networking

Most people agree on the importance of networking, even if it means getting out of your comfort zone. Networking can result in learning from experts in different fields, finding great partners and contacts and building your brand.

Networking is easier when you attend events regularly. Many events have special strategies to ease networking, but it is your own effort that makes the difference. So follow these tips and get the most out of networking events!

NETWORKING before the event

1. Research

Remember to register on time. If there’s a list of participants, use it to get to know people beforehand. You can even arrange to meet people at the event.

2. Set goals

Determine what you want to achieve and devise a strategy. Are you looking for partners, customers, subcontractors, or do you want to get to know a new company? Do you have someone in mind you want to meet or do you want to talk to five new people?

3. Practice

Plan your introduction ahead, but make it sound natural. Rehearse you pitch, too, by reading our tips for a great pitch.

NETWORKING during the event

4. Be polite

Arrive on time and keep an open mind for the ideas of others.

5. Be brave

Attend different events either alone or with a colleague. If you are attending with a friend, try to have conversations with new people, too!

6. Be active

Make the most of the time reserved for networking. You can start a conversation by talking about the event, introducing yourself or mentioning a topical phenomenon. Be attentive and ask questions, but tell people what you are looking for, too.

7. Grow your network

Exchange business cards with people you want to stay in touch with. Introduce people to each other if you think they could have common business interests.

8. Use social media

Share your thoughts on social media and see what others are talking about.

NETWORKING after the event

9. Keep in touch

Keep your promises and contact people after the event.

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