How to impress in a minute? 7 tips for a successful pitch

Pitch, or elevator speech, is a 1-3 minutes long speech, during which you summarize the most important things relating to your experience, project or company. You should always take advantage of pitching opportunities. A successful pitch could generate clients, partners or even funding! We listed seven tips for making a pitch that makes an impression!

Perfect your pitch with these tips

1. Plan and rehearse

Plan your speech well in advance so that you can present it with confidence. Rehearse it until you know it by heart. Perfect it by recording it, or ask a friend to give feedback. Make sure you stay within the time limit!

2. Start sharp

The beginning of your pitch is very important: you can start with an introduction, but remember that the listener is most receptive during your first few words. It’s a good idea to start by telling what you are looking for.

3. Stand out

Consider different ways to be memorable, like telling an interesting anecdote. Visual cues are also a good way to stand out.

4. Summarize

Don’t try to tell everything in two minutes. Give just enough information that listeners will want to hear more. Don’t exceed the time limit!

5. Know your audience

Know your listeners and direct your pitch to them. You could also try to include a relevant topic or a news story into your pitch.

6. Provide a perk

Feel free to tell about possible offers or benefits that you can provide listeners with, like an invitation to an upcoming event.

7. Be yourself

Not everyone needs to be a stand-up comedian or a professional performer to do well in a pitch. A clear, concise and factual pitch will do fine. There is no right way to make a pitch, so relax and do it your way!

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