Kasvu Open: Technopolis’ meeting rooms facilitate many kinds of gatherings

Kasvu Open specializes in growth sparring for businesses. It offers free sparring services to entrepreneurs through sparring programs and at business events. Technopolis provides Kasvu Open with high-quality meeting spaces that enable gatherings for larger crowds as well as confidential one-on-one discussions.

  • Challenge

    As Finland’s largest sparring partner for companies, Kasvu Open needs a premises solution for its events that enables it to host large meetings as well as confidential one-on-one meetings between sparring specialists and companies. The meeting space also need to support chance encounters, and convenient access to catering solutions is another important consideration. The key is for the event hosting arrangements to be highly functional and that they do not create additional workload for Kasvu Open.

  • Solution

    Technopolis campuses have a very diverse range of adaptable meeting rooms of various sizes, which makes it possible to find the right solution for Kasvu Open’s exacting needs. The campuses also offer restaurant and catering services that provide convenient, tasty and healthy catering solutions for events. Technopolis’ highly capable professionals help with organizing each event, ensuring that everything is ready when the event begins and that the day goes according to plan.

Face-to-face meetings during sparring days involve many requirements for the meeting spaces

The cooperation between the business sparring specialist Kasvu Open and Technopolis began in 2014. Kasvu Open helps companies address growth-related challenges with the help of approximately 1,500 sparring specialists. The sparring services are free of charge for the companies. Through the years, Kasvu Open has played a role in many inspiring business growth stories.

“Our mission is to enable the growth and success of Finnish companies. We want companies to be successful. We help them resolve problems and find the best solutions through sparring,” says Jaana Seppälä, Managing Director of Kasvu Open.

Kasvu Open organizes several sparring programs each year. The application period for each year’s sparring programs starts at the beginning of the year, with the first sparring meetings taking place digitally in May–June. Those meetings are followed by face-to-face sparring events held in several different cities in the fall, and each year is concluded with Kasvu Open Karnevaali, an event for growth companies that brings all of the participating businesses together.

The face-to-face sparring events are key occasions for Kasvu Open, with the number of participants ranging from the tens to the hundreds. At the face-to-face sparring events, the premises must facilitate large meetings attended by all of the participants, informal and casual encounters, as well as confidential meetings and discussions between companies and their sparring partners.

“Our requirements for premises for the sparring days are highly diverse, as we want to provide space for chance encounters while also ensuring access to more private spaces for one-on-one sparring. The events take all day, so we also need effective catering solutions,” Seppälä explains.

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Technopolis provides meeting rooms to suit every need and helps with event organization

Technopolis has campuses in five Finnish cities, which makes it possible to facilitate cooperation during face-to-face sparring days across multiple locations. All Technopolis campuses feature a diverse range of meeting rooms that can be adapted according to the customer’s needs and wishes. High-quality restaurant and catering services are also part of the range of services offered by the campuses.

“Technopolis’ facilities have always provided the solutions we need for moments that bring all of the participants into the same room, as well as suitable spaces for one-on-one sparring. The on-site restaurants also make it easy to incorporate meals into the event program,” Seppälä adds.
In addition to having access to suitable premises and catering services, it is important for Kasvu Open that Technopolis can provide assistance in the run-up to each event.

“Organizing the sparring days requires a lot from us. It is tremendously helpful that Technopolis provides us with concrete assistance for organizing each event. Having a familiar contact person at Technopolis is also very useful, as they know what has been done before and how, and they often have the answers to our questions even before we get a chance to ask them,” Seppälä says.

“Technopolis always finds the right solutions for the customer’s problems”

As one of Kasvu Open’s long-term partners, Technopolis has helped Kasvu Open expand its operations from the local to the national level.

“Our cooperation with Technopolis is closely linked to our core activity, which has to do with how people meet each other. Technopolis campuses are arenas of inspiration that have hosted meetings and sparring events for several years now,” Seppälä points out.

According to Seppälä, what Kasvu Open appreciates the most is the convenience of organizing events in collaboration with Technopolis.
“Technopolis always finds the right solutions for the customer’s problems,” Seppälä concludes.

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Photos: Kasvu Open / Matias Ulfves