Official celebration of the beginning of construction of NOVA

The construction of NOVA business centre is accelerating in Technopolis campus in Vilnius. The ceremony of successful launch of construction took place at the Ozas campus on Wednesday. The building site consisting of three blocks, worth nearly 52 million euros, already has the foundations installed, and the construction is scheduled to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2020.

New offices encourage foreign investment

“The rapidly expanding Vilnius office market is dictating conditions for developers and the focus is now on even higher level of quality. Vilnius is a city of proactive and talented professionals, and with high quality offices it will become even more attractive to foreign enterprises. We are proud to contribute to this development, as it helps the city to grow and attract investment”, says Keith Silverang, the CEO of Technopolis Group.

“Our concept has created a lot of value especially for small and medium-sized businesses, which is why such clients are predominant in Technopolis. However, the example of Vilnius shows that our concept benefits larger companies as well such as biggest NOVA customer, the Scandinavian Enskilda Banken (SEB). The globalisation and competition for the best talent encourage businesses to work efficiently, and look closely into the needs of their employees. As a result, suppliers providing a broad range of quality office services become increasingly useful to large corporations”, - he adds.

According to Laisvis Makulis, head of the Investuok Lietuvoje service team, modern offices are in demand among foreign capital companies that are emerging in Lithuania.

“The market for service centres in Lithuania is young, which is why the growth potential should remain overwhelming for the next five years. The growth of this sector, which already accounts for about 1.5% GDP growth, is also due to the market ability to offer infrastructure that meets the needs of the expanding businesses. We see a trend for the growing demand for sustainable business centres offering flexible solutions. There is already a lack of such choice in the market, therefore, we are pleased to get new and exclusive projects that help international companies find their way to Lithuania”, said L. Makulis.

Sustainable buildings are becoming a necessity

Lina Maskoliūnė, Business Unit Director of Technopolis in Vilnius, emphasised that the high customer service standards and the company's unique concept of a full service package, leads to a very low customer turnover in the campus –below 1 percent of all customers.

“It is not enough for a business to offer only a quality office – companies want to establish in environmentally conscious and eco-friendly buildings, and developers have to meet their business expectations. For us, the office is much more than just walls – it is a place to create, communicate, to address the challenges facing the world: climate change, sustainable use of natural resources, environmental protection and a healthy lifestyle”, says Maskoliūnė.

The environment contributes to the company's activities

Rūta Jasiulionienė, the head of SEB Group Services Centre to be established at NOVA, has noted the rapid growth , along with the scope of activities and the complexity of its services, in over ten years of its operation. Therefore, SEB Group Services Centre aims to create a working environment that contributes to the seamless operation and, in particular,the wellbeing of employees.

“As we prepare to settle in the new office, we discussed with our employees, conducted a survey, and assessed what was needed for the organisation and the team. We have clearly observed the need for a wide range of spaces – our activities require, among others, places for local informal or small encounters, and areas where you can get the most out of the environment. Also, a place for respite, for taking care of yourself, and regaining the strength in recreation areas. Our main ambition is that we all feel excellent here, that the new home of the SEB Group Service Centre would meet the needs of the team and would be the best we can offer to existing and future employees”, says Jasiulionienė.

NOVA will be the first A+ energy class office building in Technopolis Ozas campus. NOVA is designed and built according to the requirements of LEED Gold New Construction Certificate. The general subcontractor of the building is construction company Veikmė.

After the completion of NOVA, the leased area of Technopolis campus will exceed 103 000 sq. m, and the total number of workplaces in them will be 8 000. Currently, the campus accommodates about 5 400 of employees.