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Technopolis HUB  Technopolis HUB – Small office area Yliopistonrinne, Tampere

Adaptable office area for small teams with private offices and shared services.
Technopolis HUB

HUB Yliopistonrinne – Your private office in the heart of a bustling business district

Technopolis HUB Yliopistonrinne is a small office area tailored for smaller teams and companies. HUB Yliopistonrinne consists of 54 smaller offices for teams of up to 12 people. HUB Yliopistonrinne is situated on our modern Technopolis campus just outside the vibrant setting of Tampere city centre, easily accessible by car or public transport. Our campus is easy to find as it is right next to the UROS Live Arena.

As a HUB customer, you get very flexible terms and conditions. And if your business requires flexibility, it is easy to change your office location within Technopolis. By joining Technopolis HUB you get a private office and receive access to a wide range of quality services.

Our HUB services include e.g., an array of meeting rooms, phone booths, lounge areas and a well-equipped HUB kitchenette. Reception and the high-quality Aleksis restaurant are also located in the same building. As a HUB customer, you also get discount on our elegant and spacious newly renovated sauna facilities including a kitchen and big terrace. A vibrant community of companies and very satisfied HUB customers enhanced with business and social events is waiting for you!

What is Technopolis HUB?

  • One contract including access to a private office and all our services
  • Flexible terms and conditions
  • The opportunity to flexibly upsize your square meters when you grow
  • A vibrant community of companies enhanced with regular business and social events
  • A hub of inspiration in a highly professional work environment
  • Available HUB offices

    Our flexible HUB office spaces adapt to your company’s needs, giving you the opportunity to flexibly upsize your square meters when you grow.

    Is Technopolis HUB something for your team?

  • Is your company’s headquarters elsewhere? Have your own private office closer.
  • Are you running a one-man office or a bigger team? Enjoy your private space with access to a wide range of services.
  • Tired of working from home? Get yourself a private office in a Technopolis HUB near you.
  • Need a private space to work on a project? Technopolis HUB has the space for you.
  • Explore our HUB area and the surrounding campus

    Services on campus

    Your functional work environment combines office space and access to our services. Discover all the services available on this campus.

    Meeting rooms & catering

    Reception & security


    Cleaning & maintenance


    Workplace solutions

    Restaurants & coffee shops

    Internet connections


    Locker rooms & showers

    Gym & fitness

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  • Technopolis Yliopistonrinne, Kalevantie 2, 33100 Tampere

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