Technopolis’ flexibility makes customers stay

Since Technopolis entered the Swedish market, its campuses in both Stockholm and Gothenburg have had a wide variety of customers with long-term contracts spanning several years. In recent years, a number of new customers from different business areas with different needs have moved into Technopolis’ premises.

Technopolis is convinced that its flexibility and ability to meet its customers’ constantly changing needs are crucial to attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. It is this adaptability that attracts new customers to Technopolis in Sweden while also encouraging existing customers to stay and continue to grow and develop their businesses. By offering a range of solutions, Technopolis can meet customers’ needs regardless of how they want their businesses to develop.

“Through our ability to adapt to the constantly evolving climate of today’s work environment, Technopolis stands out from traditional real estate companies. We not only offer physical office spaces but also flexible solutions that seamlessly match the needs of our customers. Technopolis’ innovative approach to office design and services reflects our adaptation to the Swedish market needs. By offering flexible lease terms, versatile office solutions, and dynamic collaboration spaces, we meet the demands of businesses in a way that traditional property services often cannot match,” says Yusrizal Ibrahim, Key Account Manager at Technopolis Kista in Stockholm.

Technopolis Kista offers flexible office solutions with adaptability

At Technopolis Kista in Stockholm, Technopolis and Rapid Security signed a long-term agreement last year that runs for ten years and covers an office space of approximately 1,400 square meters. As a significant deal, the agreement once again demonstrates that Technopolis can meet the needs of customers who are looking for a workspace. In addition to the lease agreement, Rapid Security has also become Technopolis’ new security partner.

“What determined our choice of Technopolis Kista is the overall package. The campus offers many benefits – proximity to our customers, the design and potential of the premises, as well as Technopolis’ flexibility and various services. We also feel that the geographical location is good and that together we can contribute to making the area even more attractive. Not least because with our presence, we will be able to improve the safety and security of the entire Kista campus,” says Mats Adman, CEO of Rapid Security.

“These types of long-term agreements demonstrate a high demand for flexible office solutions with services and show that we as landlords can meet our customers’ needs. We are very happy to have welcomed Rapid to our campus,” says Anders Lindskog, Senior Asset Manager at Technopolis Kista.

Technopolis Ullevi provides customized solutions to meet the individual needs of businesses

A few years ago, the Health and Social Care Inspectorate (IVO) moved into the Technopolis Ullevi campus. The move to Technopolis’ premises in Gothenburg meant over 1,800 square meters of new business-adapted areas with bright, larger and more open offices than they had previously. The new premises were developed in consultation with Technopolis, which gave IVO the opportunity to completely prioritize their needs and create a tailor-made solution entirely adapted to them.

“We are always happy about the trust we are shown in this type of assignment. In this case, we worked closely with IVO on business adaptation because they had specific needs, which further demonstrates our flexibility. We believe in being able to facilitate the process for our customers as much as possible, and by offering our customers business adaptation, we give them even better opportunities to fully focus on their core business,” says Johanna Bergendahl, Key Account Manager at Technopolis Ullevi.

Another customer who chose to expand their business at Technopolis’ premises last year is SOTI, a global leader in innovative solutions for mobile device management. The move within the Technopolis campus from smaller to larger premises was part of SOTI’s aim to grow as a company and attract more employees in the Swedish market. The expansion at Technopolis Ullevi almost doubled their previous premises, from 348 to 645 square meters.

“We are very happy with Technopolis. The premises are great and perfectly suited to our needs. Technopolis supports us with both small and large matters, and they have helped us adapt the premises so that we can grow in Sweden in the best possible way,” says Stefan Spendrup, North and West Europe Manager at SOTI.

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