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24SevenOffice: A new, larger office to support growth and culture

For the Norwegian software company 24SevenOffice, the main focus has always been on company culture. Read the story of how a fast-growing company decided to move their current office to larger and more functional premises with enough space to recruit more talents.

  • Challenge

    24SevenOffice is a fast-growing technology company with more than a hundred employees. Culture and employees have always been at the heart of the company, thus, it was important to ensure that everyone has been given the best opportunity for professional growth. 24SevenOffice decided to change and upgrade their current Technopolis’ office to a larger one, so that everyone would have enough space. In addition to having enough space, it was also important to regard their employees' well-being.

  • Solution

    Technopolis found a new larger office space for 24SevenOffice in the modern Portal building at the Technopolis Fornebu campus. As 24SevenOffice had a strong vision for the new office space, different layouts and floor plan were implemented together with Technopolis. The outcome was based on employee feedback and needs, especially considering the restrictions of COVID-19.

Fast-growing company 24SevenOffice requires flexible and larger premises

24SevenOffice is a Norwegian Cloud-based ERP system delivered on Cloud Computing technology and SaaS for midsize businesses. The company has grown fast with its main focus always being on culture and people. 24SevenOffice moved to Technopolis in 2018 as Technopolis offers the kind of flexibility they need in order to be able to grow.

Julie Sannerud, Head of Recruitment and Career, describes the company’s recruitment strategy as aiming to attract the best talents. Sannerud is also in charge of making sure everyone has the best tools and support for their careers at 24SevenOffice.

– We wanted to expand our workspace even further. We wanted all employees to feel that they were given a little bit more space and comfort, and not least, to make sure that we have enough space for new employees as well, Sannerud describes the background of the collaborative process.

The aim was to make the new premises larger and more functional than the previous office. It was important for the new office to be divided into different zones according to their purpose.

Technopolis’ solutions-oriented approach supported client cooperation

24SevenOffice has been a customer of Technopolis for a few years and this was their first office space change. As Technopolis was familiar with the company and their continued success and growth, it was naturally important to consider larger premises. At Technopolis, it is a priority to help customers with their changing needs. After the initial contact, the planning stage and collaboration with the client began quickly. 24SevenOffice employees are active on campus as well as participating in events, so it was important to find a new space in the right building.

For the final design, Technopolis' interior designer and the client together considered different layouts and floor plans, specifically considering the restrictions of COVID-19. At the beginning of the moving process, the expectations and roles of both parties were clarified.

"We really appreciate that Technopolis was so cooperative and willing to make this the best moving process possible."

Julie Sannerud, Head of Recruitment and Career, 24SevenOffice

The final outcome was reached through effective cooperation. Technopolis had the experience and knowledge of the process, while the client company had a clear vision of what they expected from their new office. The process progressed efficiently thanks to the right contact persons.

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24SevenOffice wanted their new office to be as playful as their employees are

The company culture proved itself in the moving process

24SevenOffice wanted their new office to be as playful as their employees are. The design of the new office is based on the company’s image and the employees’ feedback on the previous office. “The new office space was really spot-on. It’s a lighter, bigger and better version of our old office with so many possibilities for different needs, so we really love the different zones,” Sannerud rejoices.

The space is divided into different zones such as a big open space, a recreational area with a ping-pong table, a quiet room and larger meeting rooms. The employee engagement score and feedback has been very positive, and the different zones have been particularly enjoyable by everyone.

– I feel happy about how our company culture has been reflected in the moving process and in the final result, Sannerud says. For 24SevenOffice, employee comfort and engagement are important factors. The new office has been a success and it will support the company's future growth.