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Gofore wanted the best – and something exceptional

Gofore is going strong at the moment. The company has recently moved to the top floor of the new building at the Technopolis Yliopistonrinne campus. As the company has seen an annual growth of 50 percent for a number of years, they had no choice but to move to new premises.

It's all about working together

– We want to make the world a better place by means of digital technology, and we also want to grow. We want to help our clients succeed. Digitalization is spreading everywhere and we work together with our clients to produce user-friendly services. We build an app and manage the change that helps an organization to rethink their problems, to take a completely new approach to finding a solution, says Timur Kärki, Managing Director at Gofore Ltd.

According to Kärki, Gofore's exceptional success is down to a great team and shared responsibility, collaboration and enthusiasm. At Gofore, the great team spirit 'just happened'. The company is not run from above but it's led by the team itself. Kärki quietly steers the team in the right direction.

Technopolis offers flexible solutions

Gofore signed a lease with Technopolis for the new premises more than two years ago. It was already clear that the company would grow, it was just a question of scale.

– During the negotiations, we wanted to find a solution that would be as flexible as possible. We started with the top floor of the building D and had a few options there. We realized last October that the growth was so rapid that we also reserved the entire top floor of the building C. If we had been anywhere else, we would have needed a separate office, which would have been a less than ideal alternative. Technopolis was very flexible.

When good is not good enough

– Our offices are not just for working. We wanted to build top-quality office that meet our employees' requirements, which empowers them and allows the company culture to develop. People are exceptionally ambitious here. We want the best – and something exceptional, Kärki explains.

– Technopolis shares our view that good is not good enough. We expect to see exceptional attitude towards service and I'm sure we'll be a demanding customer. We want to focus on our core competencies and not to have to worry about the office. Technopolis has promised that they will deliver this, and we're confident that this will happen. For us, this is the best possible solution.

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Gofore's office meets everyone's requirements

Employee-friendly offices

Santaniemi Design has been involved in the interior design of the Yliopistonrinne campus from the start, and Gofore also decided to use their services.

– We had plenty of time as we started the design process more than a year ago. We started looking for suitable products, drew up plans and threw different ideas around, says designer Eija Santaniemi.

– This job really gave us the opportunity to do something new and unique. We listened to the client's ideas, received feedback from the employees and reviewed the design several times. The office works as a framework, and the users can rearrange details as much as they want to.

Gofore's offices meet everyone's requirements. Visitors are met at the cozy and peaceful café on the 7th floor of the building D; it is an ideal place for meetings and breaks. There are also various meeting rooms for larger groups.

The premises on the building C are strictly for work, and no visitors see this office. There is another café in the building C, and this has proven to be much more lively than the one on the 'public' side.