Kuoni Tumlare: Attracting the top talent with modern and comfortable office

Kuoni Tumlare’s office in Tallinn has been growing strongly since it was established in 2006. That’s why they have needed to rent more office space over the years.

Office planned for growth company's needs

– Tallinn office has grown enormously over the years. Due to good results, company management has decided to bring more operations to Tallinn over the years, tells Karin Muru, manager of Kuoni Tumlare’s Tallinn office.

Nowadays the office has 150 permanent employees and for summer’s high season 30 more staff members are hired. The workplace is very multicultural: about 30 % of employees are non-Estonians.

Kuoni Tumlare creates inspiring travel experiences that go beyond expectations. As part of the JTB Corporation, they curate and deliver group travel, and meetings, incentives, congresses and events with over 3,000 team members are located in 34 countries.

The number of the employees has almost doubled since Kuoni Tumlare’s Tallinn office moved to Technopolis Ülemiste in 2013. That’s why they have needed to rent more office space over the years. During summer 2018 Kuoni Tumlare worked in two different buildings and on several floors at Ülemiste. In August 2018 they were able to locate to a brand new office in Lõõtsa 12 building on three-floors. Karin Muru enjoys the move to a more convenient office, the planning of which they have been able to take part from the beginning.

The office has been planned according to the needs of the company. Needs and company spirit has been taken into account in the floor planning and interior design. Open-plan offices are designed to support the teams to collaborate efficiently. With the help of an architect the most suitable floor plan has been designed to fit company’s needs. It is important that the new office also increases employee motivation and well-being at work.

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Employees' needs and company spirit have been taken into account in the interior design

Creating a motivation workspace

Company's growth means also a need for new recruitments, but finding the best talent is not always easy. The company needs continuously new employees with good language skills and preferably education or working experience in tourism.

That means that the company needs to invest in employee satisfaction and loyalty and make efforts to build desirable employer image.

– It is very important to listen to the employees and make efforts to the team building so people enjoy working and get the feeling that they are doing a meaningful job, says Karin Muru. Offering a comfortable and motivating workspace plays an important role in that.

Most of the employees at Kuoni Tumlare's Tallinn office are also relatively young – average age being only 28. Especially for the millennials it is also very important that they share the company values and that they have an opportunity to influence those values. In the Kuoni Tumlare's Tallinn office the values have been created together with the employees.

Ülemiste is like a small city

Karin Muru praises that Technopolis Ülemiste campus is an attractive and well-functioning working environment:

– Ülemiste is like a small city: everything is close by and services are great. The reception and contact persons are helpful and great at problem-solving. The location is also convenient, connections to the city function well and when we have international guests it is a huge advantage that they can walk to our office from the airport in 10 minutes.

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