LPP Lithuania: A spacious and representative office enables growing the business

LPP Lithuania, which manages the well-known brands Reserved, Cropp, House, Mohito and Sinsay, has become one of the fastest-growing clothing retail groups in Lithuania in recent years. As the number of stores increased, the company’s administration staff also expanded, and it was time to look for a larger and more representative office. After looking at dozens of possible locations, LPP Lithuania found the perfect fit at Technopolis Ozas.

  • Challenge

    Growing results and the very rapid expansion of the company’s managed brand Sinsay, followed by an expanding number of administrative staff, prompted LPP Lithuania to look for new office space. When choosing a place to work, several criteria were important for a company with high ambitions for further growth: the convenience, representativeness and easy accessibility of the office and its surroundings.

  • Solution

    LPP Lithuania moved to the renovated Beta building at Technopolis Ozas, and the Technopolis team has fully furnished the company’s new office and provided a wide range of services: from the office design project and solutions, to the final implementation – furniture, audio and video equipment for the meeting room, and even flowers to decorate the office space.

More (representative) space for a successful business

LPP Lithuania, which has been operating in Lithuania for 20 years, owns five well-known clothing brands – Reserved, Cropp, House, Mohito and Sinsay. Currently, the company has 30 stores in the country, and in 2023 it plans to further expand the Sinsay brand and renovate previously opened stores. As the number of stores grew, so did the administrative team, and the company started looking for a larger office.

“We visited dozens of places and had many cups of coffee while discussing and debating the future of LPP Lithuania. The Technopolis name was very familiar to us, as we have our brand stores in the nearby shopping center. So, it wasn’t an introduction from scratch, but we were still surprised. The location of the Vilnius office campus is convenient, close to the main transport connections, and the workplace is easily accessible from any residential area of Vilnius,” says Irina Gromovienė, Managing Director at LPP Lithuania.

“This is the first time we have settled in an office campus of this concept, and we like everything about it: starting from the location, the spaces of the Beta building, the interior design, to the possibility of further expansion if needed,” she says.

"This is the first time we have settled in an office campus of this concept, and we like everything about it: starting from the location, the spaces of the Beta building, the interior design, to the possibility of further expansion if needed."

Irina Gromovienė, Managing Director at LPP Lithuania

Employee well-being and a great guest experience – in and out of the office

“Before the customer moved in, every member of the LPP Lithuania team had great ideas, but they were quite different, so our main task in setting up their space was to combine their various needs into one integral office. We applied a lot of modern solutions,” says Ieva Bagdzevičiūtė, Workplace Solution Service Coordinator at Technopolis Ozas.

“For example, we wanted to avoid the impression of a long corridor and a cubicle system, so we tilted the space in such a way that you can’t even see the corridor when you walk in, and the furniture accents break up the space in a modern way. We’ve created a very bright office with lots of colors – green, bright blue, orange,” Bagdzevičiūtė continues.

LPP Lithuania’s administrative staff are delighted not only with the office but also with the common services, spaces and community spirit of Technopolis:

“We are glad that we don’t have to stay in our offices at lunchtime, and that we can take a break and relax in the spaces on the ground floor of the building and employees can buy lunch in the cafeteria or simply eat their own food there. It’s a really great idea – it keeps the community and team spirit alive,” says Alma Vitkutė, Marketing Manager at LPP Lithuania.

Small but pleasant details, such as the names of the common meeting rooms, dedicated to famous Lithuanian writers, also matter.

“It’s nice to invite colleagues or business partners to discuss work matters in the Jurga Ivanauskaitė or Bitė meeting room. The roof terrace is also a pleasure – the opportunity to take a break from work and enjoy the fresh air for at least a few minutes is very useful for quality work and the emotional well-being of employees,” says Vitkutė.

The office meets the needs of employees

Technopolis fulfilled LPP Lithuania’s expectations

LPP Lithuania was the first client of the Beta building, which was renovated in 2022. When they moved in, the construction work was still being completed, and today the company is already enjoying all the benefits of the office campus’ bustling life and the community it houses.

The new LPP Lithuania office has been designed to meet the needs of employees: comfortable and ergonomic workspaces, the spaces not only to welcome the guests but also to hold high-quality remote meetings, and an enlarged common kitchen area for employees to meet, have lunch and relax.

“We recommend Technopolis for several reasons: comfortable and modern meeting spaces, strategic location, easy access to all areas of Vilnius, and a stylishly furnished building,” says Vitkutė.

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