Mediq Business Services Lithuania: office must be attractive for employees

At the end of 2022, great news reached Lithuania – Mediq, an international provider of medical equipment and care solutions from the Netherlands, operating in 13 countries, decided to establish a service centre in Vilnius. The story started with “a few employees and a mini-office”, but began to  expand very fast. The company with big growth plans was careful about its office space choice as it wanted to be prepared for all eventualities. The flexibility Technopolis is able to offer convinced Mediq and the client chose an office in the BETA building.

  • Challenge

    Having chosen Lithuania for its expansion, Mediq was looking for a practical, easily accessible and high-potential office in Vilnius that would encourage the company’s employees to choose office over their homes for work. While still planning for a permanent office, the company was expanding rapidly and needed immediate and efficient space solutions to support the growth.

  • Solution

    Technopolis not only offered temporary solutions to help bring the new teams together in one place during the transition period, but also designed a flexible permanent office which supports well Mediq Business Services Lithuania’s expansion also in the future.

Faster-than-expected expansion

While the search for future office space in Vilnius was still underway, Mediq Business Services Lithuania temporarily settled in the small office area of Technopolis campus; 15 workplaces were prepared for the employees. It soon became clear that this was an extremely temporary solution, as the company was expanding very rapidly and needed a quick transition solution which Technopolis was able to provide.

Even in the temporary premises, it was crucial for the newly established company to keep employees together, not scattered on different floors (i.e. wherever there is space available). Technopolis ensured that the newly formed teams were able to get to know each other and work together while waiting for the new permanent office.

The flexibility of Technopolis convinced Mediq Business Services Lithuania to choose the same location for its permanent premises as well. Their new office was also planned to support a possible rapid expansion. The Technopolis team first chose a unique location in the building; the office space was planned in the very centre of the floor to give the company two separate entrances via two lift lobbies. This was designed to ensure that, regardless of the number of future employees, they would be able to move freely and use as many as six lifts in two staircases.

“Technopolis has been very supportive on our journey – their flexible office solutions have allowed us to start from just a few workstations and manage the processes seamlessly. This flexibility has been very helpful for our strategic business decisions,” says Yvan Laurent, Managing Director of Mediq Business Services Lithuania.

The office itself was designed so that it could be expanded as much as needed in a very short period of time – just one month. “At the moment, we already have 70 people in the office and it looks like we will need to expand again soon”, Yvan Laurent smiles.

Functionality is the key

When planning the Mediq Business Services Lithuania office, the client’s main criterion was the functional layout of the office – every solution chosen had to work perfectly and meet the needs of particular employees and their functions. In addition, each interior solution had a clear task; the office had to be more comfortable to work in than home, and everything in the interior had to encourage employees to come to work in the office.

Therefore, in addition to the general workspace, Mediq Business Services Lithuania chose to equip a variety of other spaces: different meeting rooms – from the usual traditional one to a room for faster decision making with high desks – as well as spaces for tasks that require concentration. Everything in the interior has been designed to be simple and comfortable, with a range of options for employees.

“For us, the office had to be a place where teams meet and collaborate, and where the environment enables them to engage, learn and benefit from opportunities. The office has become a place where we have to meet a lot of new needs and Technopolis has helped us a lot to implement these changes,” says Yvan Laurent, Managing Director of Mediq Business Services Lithuania.

Flexibility even outside the office

“Technopolis offered us not only a practical office in a great location in the city, but also related services. The sheer size of the office campus and the variety of meeting rooms, spaces and catering facilities adds a lot of flexibility that we want – our teams have a lot of choices,” says the Managing Director of Mediq Business Services Lithuania.

“The Technopolis team has been very involved in the whole process, at every level – from choosing the location to setting up the office and genuinely caring about our wellbeing. We feel we have a true partner that cares about its clients,” emphasises Yvan Laurent.

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