“The diversity among our customers shows that we are successful in meeting the demand in the industry”

Since the beginning, Technopolis Ullevi has had a wide variety of companies and customers in its portfolio. Flexibility is at the core of Technopolis’ business, and it both makes Technopolis strong in the industry and attracts customers from different sectors and with different needs.

In just the past few years, Technopolis Ullevi campus in Gothenburg has welcomed several new customers of different sizes and representing various sectors from construction and travel to technology and the public sector.

In June 2023, Technopolis announced that construction company Wästbygg Gruppen will move into an office space of 1,330 square meters at the beginning of 2024. The new collaboration with one of Sweden’s leading construction companies is a big deal for Technopolis Ullevi. For Wästbygg Group, it was the flexibility that determined the choice.

"We have had a good customer experience with Technopolis from the start. They have been accommodating and able to meet our specific needs. For us, it was the geographical location, surrounding services, and the opportunity to influence the floor plan that led us to choose Technopolis Ullevi. It is easily accessible by both car and public transportation, and there is also a wide range of restaurants and hotels in the area," says Jonas Jönehall, CEO of Wästbygg Group.

Some of the other customers who have moved in over the past year include business travel agency BIG Travel, life science company KeyPlants, and deep tech company Lumen Radio. The combination of the freedom to customize their office and the range of services available at Technopolis was an important factor for all three. A gym, reception service, and restaurants are just some of the services offered at the Ullevi campus. Lumen Radio, which operates in the lighting industry and is behind the iconic lightsabers in Star Wars, needed larger premises to grow their business, something that Technopolis could offer.

"What primarily attracted us was the geographical location, but then Technopolis’ facilities, premises, and fantastic customer service became decisive factors," says Lelle Zetterblad, Head of Travel at BIG Travel.

Another example of a customer who needed a large space with the possibility of customized premises and flexibility is the Health and Social Care Inspectorate (IVO), a Swedish government agency, which moved into Technopolis premises already in 2021. The move to Technopolis premises in Gothenburg meant a new business-adapted workspace totaling 1,859 square meters with large, open, and bright offices. The new office space allowed IVO to start from their needs and create spaces tailored to their specific operations.

"We have made a transition from our previous premises, which were a bit old and gray, to a spacious and pleasant office space, where you can see your colleagues when you arrive at work. Employees meet each other more spontaneously, and there are many spaces for meetings. We wanted a location where everyone could be accommodated on the same floor, and we found that at Technopolis," says Mats Feretti, who is responsible for premises at IVO.

For Technopolis, a diverse customer base is proof that the company can offer flexibility and individually tailored solutions to its customers, as well as meet their needs, regardless of the type of business they operate. Last year, Technopolis Ullevi also opened a HUB to offer flexible workspaces for smaller companies and customers.

"The fact that we have so many different types of customers and businesses with us clearly indicates that we are meeting the demand in the industry. And we are very proud and happy that all these companies, big and small, have chosen us. All our customers can also offer their own services with us, which makes it even more exciting that we have so many different types of companies, as it enables a wide range of services and offerings on the campus. Our goal is always to deliver top-notch premises and service, and with the help of our customers, we achieve that," says Johan Herner, Business Unit Director at Technopolis Ullevi.

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